Diamond P a modern day super woman. While we haven’t put our finger on how this woman holds so much strength on a day to day basis Diamond P is the embodiment of strength, poise, and wisdom. She is a radio personality, actress, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and entertainment mogul from Atlanta, GA. Diamond, has worked as a radio personality for the past 12 years at 106 Live Radio in Atlanta, GA.

In 2019, Diamond P earned her recognition as “​Atlanta Female Radio Personality of the year​,” ​Certified Hustler of the Yea​r,” and​ Female Rapper of the Year. ​As a woman of many talents, Diamond P​ ​has also dabbled in acting. She has been featured in ​Barber Shop 3​, Saints and Sinners​, ​QUAD BET,​ and ​Women on the Rise​. Diamond P​, ​is​ ​also a current brand ambassador for the ​American Black Film Festival​.

Drastically, last year, Diamond P​ ​faced a sudden tragedy when she lost her son, due to the act of senseless gun violence. This tragic experience inspired Diamond to dedicate her time to touring worldwide, providing motivational speaking to women who have lost they’re children to gun violence as well.

​In April 2019 Diamond P​,​ started her worldwide tour ​“Look Around, Guns Down​.” ​Look Around, Guns Down​, is a parent’s empowerment movement, that sorts out to help other parent’s in the African American community, who have lost their children due to the act of senseless gun violence​. ​With the support of other known industry influencers such as;​ Love and Hip Hop’s Shooter, Heather Hayes ​(Daughter of legendary singer Issac Hayes) Legendary Hip Hop artist​ Yo- Yo-, Melissa Brim ​and many more.​ ​Diamond P’s​ ​last “​Look Around, Guns Down,” ​panel took place on October 27th, In her hometown Atlanta GA.In the midst of her active philanthropy work, ​Diamond P​, is also gearing up to release her own anticipated self-entitled book “​Da Life of Diamond P​” this upcoming 2020 and the release of her body oil collection.

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All images by @AZUSTUDIOS & Justin Ford