The growth of vigilant consumers opting for more transparency in the ingredient list from companies and brands has inspired many women to take a second look at their vaginal health. From tampons to vaginal steams, many companies are emerging that provide women with all natural alternatives to keep lady parts healthy and balanced.

If you’re in the mood for healthier options, here are 10 – SHEEN Magazine approved vaginal approved goodies for you to check out.

Womb Therapy Endeed Yoni Clay
Created by Endia Richardson, Womb Therapy Endeed’s Yoni Clay is a special formulation of natural, organic clays to help pull out toxins, odor, mucus and bacteria effectively without harsh side effects. Her comprehensive organic feminine holistic brand also includes vaginal spray and oil that provides an alkaline environment to inhibit disease and bacteria growth without drying out the vagina.

Goddess Body Inc. Yoni Extract
According to the brand’s website, Goddess Body Yoni Extract uses the power of all-natural blends to tone, nourish, strengthen, rejuvenate, and fortify, the uterus (womb), cervix, and ovaries. This extract works to facilitates general healing of those areas by enhancing regeneration of the cells.

Divine Sacred Space Yoni Wash and Spray
Divine Sacred Spaces attests to using ancient traditions and blends to combat feminine issues that many women endure regularly like yeast infections, odor and more. Stay refreshed and clean with just a few squirts of their yoni spray, and cleansed and nourished with their organic wash. Both products are infused with all natural ingredients like organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which is a known healing agent.

Urban Goddiss LLC. CO., Yoni Oil
With a large number of feminine products on the market containing harmful chemicals, Urban Goddiss asserts their brand offers a safe and healing alternative for women to choose from. The succulent scent of UG’s Yoni oil offers a safe alternative to traditional chemical induced perfume options, which often wreak havoc on the ph levels of the vagina.

The Honey Pot Company’s Normal System
When it comes to cleanliness, Honey Pot’s Normal System is a culmination of herb blends that guarantees to hydrate the vulva, protect against harmful bacteria and keep you feeling refreshed. Firmly rooted in using only all – natural ingredients, this system of Normal Foaming Wash and Wipes harnesses the powerfulness antifungal properties of garlic and citrus.

Dalai Mama Holistic Wellness Ministries Yoni Steam
If you’re in the need for personal healing and reconnecting with your womb, Dalai Mama Holistic Wellness Ministries yoni steams may be just what you need. Intentionally blended all natural herbs, yoni steams will offer a cleanse, detox and ease pain from menstruation.

Kindred Black Fat And The Moon Yoni Duster
Keep your pom pom smelling fresh with Kindred Black’s Fat and The Moon Yoni Duster, which works to ward off yeast and/or bacterial infections. With powdered antimicrobial herbs like black walnut hulls and goldenseal along with moisture absorbing white clay, this duster makes a great alternative to perfume and chemical laden products.

Nubian Hueman Yoni Wash
When it comes to keeping your vaginal health intact, Nubian Hueman’s Yoni Wash is a plant-based alternative to traditional cleansers. Packed with antibacterial and antifungal agents, such as blank silver to combat disease pathogens, this yoni wash gently cleanses and protects.

Sage and Balm Yoni Wash
Sage and Balm’s Yoni Wash gently cleanses and prevents the overgrowth of candida, which is a prime agent causing vaginosis and bacterial infections.

Gemstone Yoni Organic Vegan Yoni & Gemstone Wash
Gemstone Yoni Organic Vegan Yoni and Gemstone Wash uses the power of rosemary and aloe vera to balance your lady parts, nourishing and soften labia lips while cleansing yoni gemstone.