Trying to get those last minute traveling plans out of the way before school starts? Here are some tips that will guarantee you a delightful experience.

1.Travel Light

There is nothing worse than those overweight luggage fees. No matter the length of our travel, we usually always bring way more than we need. When packing think twice about what you really need to take with you. Packing three different style black shirts is unnecessary. The lighter the luggage the better.

2. Everything Must Have Wheels

Having to lug around bags throughout the airport is absolutely horrifying. It’s terrible when you have to carry heavy duffle bags on your shoulders while running to your departure gate. Make sure that every carry on or bag you bring, other than your hand purse, has wheels. This makes walking through the airport a breeze.

3. Have Easy Access to I.D.

You will have to show your I.D. card when traveling through the airport on average three times. When you receive your physical ticket before you go through security and sometimes when you board the plane. Keeping your I.D. in your pants pocket or front bag pocket is a smart move.

4. Cash and Card

If you decide to check your luggage in outside before entering the airport building they usually only take cash. The outside lines however, are much shorter than the inside luggage check in lines. Also, you never know when you’ll want to give someone a nice tip for their kind services.

5. Have Easy Access to Laptop

When going through security you’ll have to take your laptop out of whenever it is stored and place it in a bin on its own. Having it at the top of your carry on or wherever it is that you can quickly grab it will make this process go bye quick and easy.

6. Footwork

Sandals or tennis shoes are your best bet! Sandals are so easy and free to walk in throughout your airport journey. However, there are times when you’ll have to take your sandals off to go through security so bring an extra pair of socks to steer clear from the germs that linger on the floor. Also, you run the risk of having cold feet during the plane ride in sandals, but this is nothing that extra pair of socks can’t solve. All in all, you can never go wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes.

7. Outfits 101

Comfort is the most important factor when traveling! If it’s not comfortable but cute, do not wear it. Leggings, t-shirts, sweats, and tank tops are all great examples of great choices. Anything that does not allow you to move freely is a negative. No matter what, bring a thin jacket with you because those plane rides can get quite chilly.

8. Entertainment Necessities

Whether a magazine, book, IPod, IPad, or laptop some form of entertainment is helpful to make the process more enjoyable and useful. When situated, this is a great time to get ahead on work or free your mind with an enjoyable stimulus.

9. Sleep Support

One can get rather sleepy when waiting for their plane to board or when relaxed on the plane so a small pillow of some sort is beneficial in achieving comfort. A small blanket can also help take the chills way.

10. Keep a Peaceful Attitude

 Most importantly out of all of these fabulous tips, keeping a positive attitude is the key to success. So many trails and challenges can take place at the airport, so it is helpful to remember that the airport is not perfect but they do their best through the chaos. Whether it is another person that frustrates you, lost luggage, or a delayed flight that causes you to be late to your destination, just breathe and the situation will take care of itself.

Featured Image: Shutterstock