SHEEN Magazine pays homage to the universal language that is spoken all around the world-fashion. From Paris to New York, and Tokyo, fashion connects billions, and is an art form that will never lose its style. Fashion is more than just clothing, it is a form of self-expression, helping us tap into who we really are. The Ultimate Beauty Guide celebrates style and the creatives whose influence surpasses their stylish attire, but also translates down to their artistic genius; impacting the world as we know it.

We just had to kick off the Style issue with Love and Hip Hop Executive Producer and Media Mogul, Mona Scott Young. Our dazzling cover girl has shaped media and entertainment in such a way that leaves us all hungry for more. With her mega hit TV shows and classic style, the magnetic producer shares her story of trials and tribulations that ultimately led to triumphs.

Video by Eliot Jones @eliotjtv| Photography by Nathan Pearcy