SPF products aren’t exciting. Effective? Yup. Necessary? Hell, yes. But ask-for-them-for-your-birthday, spend-your-entire-gift-card-on-them exciting? Uh, not really. And that’s especially true when it comes to SPF-filled lip products, which seem not only dull and blah, but kinda useless. But you’re very, very wrong. And we’re happy to explain why.

First of all, yes, your lips need SPF year-round, just like the rest of your skin. Unless, of course, you’re cool with having withered, wrinkled lips at a weirdly early age—or, you know, skin cancer, which your lips are just as prone to as the rest of your body. But that doesn’t mean you need to slather on the same thick, white formulas used by professional surfers and lifeguards; in fact, you can protect your lips without sacrificing your beauty vibes by using one of these twelve shockingly pretty lip balms, glosses, and crayons that are loaded with skin-saving sun protection.

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