Dj Traci Steele and Big Tigger acted as ambassadors at the 2016 SWAC mixer held in Atlanta, GA. SWAC, or The Southwestern Athletic Conference is a collegiate athletic conference made up of historically black universities in the Southern United States, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.


Big Tigger and DJ Traci Steele

Though it was Tigger’s first time hosting the event, he has hosted both the football and basketball championships for SWAC. “HBCUs are a vital part of life for African Americans.” he said. “They are integral to those who may not otherwise be able to attend college.”

Also in attendance was Commissioner Duer Sharp, who’s been with SWAC for 14 years. In keeping with the traditional slogan, Honor The Heritage, Sharp explained that his goal is to educate. “It’s about more than football, we’re more than an athletic conference. Look at our history, and all the things we’ve accomplished.”


SWAC has yet to make its way to GA, there’s currently no school in the state that’s part of the conference although it is currently being looked into. But that doesn’t mean Atlantans aren’t welcome to participate. “We want Atlanta to come out and support the game, enjoy the atmosphere, and enjoy the game.” Commissioner Sharp stated.

To learn more about how you can support SWAC in supporting HBCUS visit www and @theswac on IG.

All images by Le’Tonya G | UnTamed Royalty Photography