25-year-old, Jamisa McIvor is a mother and groundbreaker with an amazing testimony! Currently, she is the deed holder of 16 properties, all in which she’s purchased with no mortgages!  Starting out as a novice investor herself, and mastering the craft, the young CEO of Rosebud’s Investments is very popular amongst new investors and people who may be looking to get started and are not sure how. She’s taken her innovative spirit and created a strategy that makes real estate investing as simple as can be for people of all ages and walks of life!  Jamisa speaks to single mothers and married mothers to allow them to understand there is another way to provide for their family. Jamisa also offers her service for “welfare to work programs” to allow women to know and understand the importance for another way out of the system.

During our interview, she shared some helpful information about entrepreneurship and how she helps women to become successful in their businesses and everyday living.

What has helped you to be a young successful entrepreneur?

I can say that being courageous has helped me become successful! I have always been the type to want more. I love learning and finding new ways to create success for myself, and I’m not afraid to be open-minded! Me being fearless has created so many opportunities for me to grow.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I purchased my first house from my Grandmother and her name was Rose. When I got the house I had no idea what to do with the house or how monumental it really was. There was no one to take me by the hand and teach me the ropes of real estate so when I started to get the hang of how the game worked, I was determined to become exactly what I needed when I started my journey. I named my business after my grandmother to keep her legacy alive.

What are some programs you offer to help women to become successful in business?

I have Concrete Rose which is a monthly membership geared towards empowering, motivating, supporting and guiding women through their success journeys no matter where they are starting from. We invest in real estate together, we learn together, we take trips together and much more.

Tell me about Rosebud’s Investments.

Rosebud’s Investments is a company for people who are interested in real estate but are not sure how to get started. We offer one, on one hand, holding through the new investor process or enhancement for the current investor. It starts off with our famous Investment Call. During the call, we discuss exactly where your finances are and then cover all of the ways you can invest with exactly what you have. We create a blueprint & go over the details. We also cover how to purchase property without using credit.

To what/whom do you attribute your success?

To God! Honestly, without him, none of my success would be possible. I always stay the course and trust the process, because he navigates it in ways that I could never dream! The way that my life has blossomed is unbelievable!

What other upcoming projects do you have in store for 2019?

I am so excited about 2019! I have a few dope projects cooking, but the one I am most excited about is our rent to own projects. We are taking BEAUTIFUL homes and turning them into rent to own properties, giving all people a chance to be homeowners without them going through the hassle of a lengthy mortgage process. 

What inspired you growing up to want to become a business owner?

Growing up, I always liked freedom. I knew that you cannot control what you don’t own, so I got my first job when I was fairly young and my theory was proven. When I got fired, I knew I wasn’t meant to be under someone, I thought it made more sense to build an empire of my own, I just didn’t know what that empire would be (but God had a plan). I always possessed leadership skills. I am the eldest of nine siblings, so naturally, I learned how to manage responsibility early on.

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Featured Image: DVS Photos