Trying to maintain healthy hair when you feel there just isn’t enough hours in the day isn’t easy. From stress to simply not maintaining a healthy hair regime, are just two examples of how you could be damaging your hair and not even know it.

If your struggle is dry brittle hair, then here are four easy and quick tips to help your hair stay moisturized and prevent your hairdresser from having to clip so much of those split ends.

Dry Wet hair with T-shirt

T-shirts aren’t just good for sleeping in. They can also be an easy and inexpensive way for you to dry your hair on washday without stripping it of its natural oils.

Unbeknownst to some, the fabric and grooves of a bath towel can remove hair cuticle’s natural moisture when it’s wet and at it’s most vulnerable state. Additionally, using a plain cotton t-shirt can decrease frizz and tame unmanageable hair.

Only shampoo scalp

Many are unaware of how much shampooing their entire hair from root to tip is extracting moisture from their tresses. One simple way to avoid causing further damage is focusing on shampooing hair closest to your scalp.

Pour Biotin Capsules into deep conditioner

If you’re not a fan of taking large vitamins and supplements, never fear. Instead, pour capsules into deep conditioner and proceed to massage it thorough your hair as you normally would for luxurious locs.