The natural hair movement came with a vengeance, creating spaces for many curlistas to embrace their natural tresses while demanding mainstream outlets to do the same.

However, if you’re a mother like myself, maintaining the proper regiment for your natural hair can fall by the wayside after long days of play dates, cooking, cleaning and trying to catch up on sleep! Amidst all the list of things that mothers must do, it’s important to know our haircare should also be a priority.

So for natural-haired mothers wanting to keep up with the trends without sacrificing much time, here are three natural-hair-care moms and their blogs that can help.



It’s not easy raising two sons as a single mother, but natural hair care blogger, Daphene seamlessly teaches her followers on her blog how to whip their hair and life into shape without missing a beat. Her tips on maintaining beautiful tresses as a mother include, utilizing a routine, putting yourself first, designating a day specifically for haircare and sticking to it.


Jessica Pettway

Hailing from LA, Ms. Pettway and her daughter Kailee are known for their absolute slayage of natural hair styles together on social media. Pettway, who is the owner of jfashion wigs, is an inspiration to all natural hair mothers, providing easy tutorials on natural hairstyles for mommies and their daughters on her YouTube channel @JessicaPettway.


Dayna Bolden

Co-founder of—a blog dedicated to fashion and fros, Bolden is a self-proclaimed, “boss mom.” Her followers on social media are always in for a treat as she teaches them how to perfect an easy wash-and-go, twist out and/or curl-set all while managing being a full-time wife, mother to her beautiful daughter Aria and business woman.