With a New Year approaching, there will be countless people making New Year’s resolutions. From losing those pesky pounds added on during the holidays to saving more money, there’s bound to be a host of promises made before the clock strikes 12. If you’ve made your resolutions, then you’re ahead of the curve, but for those who are still pondering what changes they’ll adopt next year, here are three simple lifestyle changes that when implemented, can make an enormous impact on achieving more happiness.

Express More Gratitude

Let’s be honest, coping with the hustle and bustle of life, at times, can be a bit challenging. However, with every new day, there are opportunities to focus on what’s good in our lives such as our friends and family. In 2016, devout more time to practicing gratitude for the positive things and people in your life.

Make Healthier Lifestyle Decisions

Every year is a new opportunity to take control of your health and become a better version of yourself, and 2016 is no different. Instead of harping on a specific number to lose next year, dedicate more time to adopting a healthier lifestyle, including cutting back on late night snacks, incorporating, at least, thirty minutes a day to exercise and getting more sleep.

Practice More Self-Love

We all hear how self-love is vital to a healthy mind and body, but how many of us actually take the time to practice self-care? Make 2016 the year of empowerment by pouring out the same love you extend to others, to yourself.