Abs are strengthened in the gym, but made in the kitchen. Cooked up like a crockpot stew, you need just the right combination of, not only foods you include in your diet, but foods you exclude as well to create the perfect conditions for summertime ready abs. Here are 8 simple rules to get you on the road to being ripped.

  1. No soda, juices, or dairy of any kind; People drink their daily dose of calories much more often than they think. Cutting back on sugary & fatty drinks will help you reach your low calorie goals much easier.
  2. Drink a gallon of water everyday. The body becomes dehydrated easily. Staying hydrated will keep your muscles healthy and looking great.
  3. Eat a green leafy vegetable at every meal. It goes without saying that green foods are good for you. When cutting calories, it’s a good idea to rely heavily on vegetables to not only maintain or increase your phytonutrient intake, but also to help you to feel full, lessening the likelihood that you’d cheat on your diet.
  4. NO FRIED FOOD; Once you fry a food, it diminishes the nutrient value so much that it may as well not exist. You also add a hefty dose of fat, & since most fried things are breaded, carbs.
  5. NO Beef; Beef is heavy & hard for the body to digest so it tends to sit in the stomach and intestine for while.
  6. NO Bread. Bread is simply extra carbs & calories that go straight to your midsection. This is A no no
  7. Do Ab workout everyday; Consistency is key & king.
  8. Do 45 minutes of cardio per day. This can be split up in 15-minute increments, just get that heart rate up!

Follow these rules & you’ll have sexy summer abs in no time!