Not only is she intelligent but she’s taking the baking world by storm. V.Taybron is known as “The Queen of All Things Domestic.” Because of her extreme work ethic, she now has clients from all over the world! Why is everyone going crazy about Savor V desserts? What’s all the noise about these soft, delicious pastries? It’s simple, V has put her signature stamp on them and people are asking for more!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am affectionately known as Domestic Queen V.  To sum it up I am the “Black Martha Stewart” helping women tap into the Domestic Arts such as cooking, cleaning, and a love for family. I’ve been able to capitalize on this concept with my company Savor V where everything is “made from scratch and produced with love.”

What made you want to go after this career field?

True story, my inspiration came by accident. I was living in an apartment that I was about to be evicted from reading books by candlelight. All of a sudden I heard a still small voice tell me…”just bake.” Since I had no electricity, I went to a friend’s home and helped myself to her kitchen ingredients. The result was a snicker doodle cookie. From there, I humbly went door to door selling cookies and before I knew it I made $200 that day. I used that money to get my electricity turned back on and I’ve been baking ever since. Baking saved my life!

Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it.

A professional challenge I had to overcome was taking a non traditional route to secure income. I went to college; graduated, enrolled in a Master’s Degree program and it finally hit me. “This isn’t going to work for me.” No matter how high you climb the corporate ladder, you will never make as much money as the owner. I decided that I wanted to be an owner and make my own decisions without having to worry about someone hiring or firing me. Those around me thought I was crazy and told me that they didn’t think it would work out but here we are, working it out with excellence.

What’s up next for Savor V?

Savor University is my next big thing. I didn’t have any mentors in business to guide me. This means that I’ve made countless mistakes. Now that I’m in a great position, I am going to help other bakers become “Bake Bosses.” My program is going to equip those who love baking, food blogging, and catering to expand and grow their talents to make money from these passions. It can be done because I’ve done it and now that I’m in the position to help others I want to share all the knowledge that I can. Savor Vniversity is about to make some Bake Bosses!

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