Having a birthday in the summer, you’re bound to get inspired and want to do something for it. With warm weather upon us, it’s a cause for enjoyable get-togethers — especially for a special day. Though like myself, you may not want something so ‘over the top’ but still just enough to be fun for everyone. So, here are some chill ideas you could put together for your summer birthday!

Outside brunch – If you want a gathering really small and intimate for your birthday, brunches are great for just that. It’s a great time (early afternoon), you can talk, eat and drink all while enjoying the nice weather. Still will give you plenty of time to do other activities for the rest of the day.

Boat ride – Summertime is absolutely perfect for a boat ride; so, why not invite some friends on one for your birthday? Put on your swimsuit, bring some dope music plus a filled cooler and enjoy the ride.

Bonfire – I wish these were more popular! Having a birthday bonfire is more so a good way to end the day; s’mores, libations and straight relaxing around a fire. Great memories and laughs are sure to be made.


Back porch kickback – You can never go wrong with having a simple kickback for your birthday. Invite some awesome people over, set up some karaoke, make yummy dishes to share and creative drinks! Nothing but chill vibes and everyone enjoying the company of others in a calm setting.

Beach Day trip – Taking a mini road trip to the beach for your birthday is basically ideal for all summer birthdays. Guaranteed an awesome fun time; water, relaxing, sun and whatever else you like to bring to the beach. You can’t go wrong with this idea!

The list could go on and on for birthday plans in the summer, hopefully these will give you some ideas for yours!