The morning-after pill is used for emergency contraception. We’ve been in situations where an accident may have occurred. Fact of the matter is, stuff happens. In the heat of the moment, a box of condoms gets left in the packaging. Passions run high, but so does the risk of unwanted pregnancy!

  1. It is not an abortion pill. Abortion pills are something else entirely and used to terminate an already existing pregnancy. The morning-after pill is for before you are pregnant by delaying the release of the egg.
  1. Click Pharmacy mentions that alcohol will not affect the morning after pill. You can go down to the chemist with the worst hangover in the world after the night before and still be protected against pregnancy. If you’re too hung-over to get out of bed, the morning-after pill can be purchased from an online pharmacy (more on that later). You can repeat it all once the hangover disappears, but you’ll need another form of contraception, like a condom. Because…
  1. You can still get pregnant if you have sex after taking the morning-after pill. Babies are for life, the morning-after pill is to be used once every now and again. Emergency contraceptive means emergency use. 
  1. It doesn’t protect against STIs. A lot of people get carried away with new or untrusted partners and forget the condoms. Separate testing for STIs needs to be carried out if this is a risk. The NHS mentions that the two most common STIs, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can cause infertility. Taking the morning-after pill now doesn’t mean you won’t want a baby in the future, so be sure to get tested, especially as the symptoms can easily be mistaken for something else, like a UTI. Not even condoms give full protection against the herpes virus with sores that are notoriously difficult to spot. Avoid oral sex if you or your partner have a cold sore. Your genitals don’t care if you are infected with herpes simplex one or two. According to Who about 2/3s of the world is infected. You can also contract with Syphilis or HIV from sex without a condom. 
  1. The morning-after pill is available for free from your GP, pharmacy or sexual health clinic. 

But let’s face it, not all of us want to be caught hanging around outside the local sexual health clinic or you’re too embarrassed to speak to your GP or can’t get to the regular pharmacy. Using an online pharmacy is a major time saver as well, away from the prying eyes of judgment that don’t understand stuff happens. 

There are online pharmacies available that offer swift delivery of prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines to your home. Speed is important if you’re ordering the morning-after pill. They’re more effective, the sooner you take them. It is called morning-after for a reason. You can also order one pill or multipacks to be prepared for emergency situations.