Breakout star, Sierra Capri is on quite a journey that is very promising! As this young yet very knowledgable woman Ms. Capri candidly speaks volumes about her success, hopes for the future and new hit show!

Please tell us, what is the true essence of Sierra Capri? What makes you, you?

Probably the fact that I stay true to myself at all times. I am able to have a clear perspective even in the middle of all this. I know what should be valued in life and what shouldn’t be. I was always told I was wise beyond my years.

How did you begin your journey to finding your passion for acting?

I have always had a passion for it. While I was in school, I decided to self-submit an audition tape. Soon after, Lauren Ingerich – the creator of the show, asked me to fly to LA for a Chem test. When I found out I got the part it was a humbling experience. Like wow, God made this possible.

What is the balance between acting and leading a normal life for you?

I can’t stress enough how important spiritual guidance is. That has been a big influence in my life. It’s not hard because I know this is a job. I come to LA to do what I have to then get on a plane and go back to the east coast. I surround myself with people that I know want my best interest at heart. My mom and dad are the main ones that will always have my back.

Image by John O Flexor/Netflix

Can you share some of the details on your new role in, On My Block?

I play a tomboy named Monse’ who is Afro-Latina. She is raised by her single dad and has 3 best friends. Throughout the season viewers will be able to see her evolve as an individual as well as in her relationships. I can’t wait for people to watch it.

What do you hope your future holds?

I hope I am able to make movies and create a body of work that will be influential even when I’m long gone. That above any accolades would be a dream come true.

Don’t forget to tune into On My Block streaming now on Netflix!

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