Keke Palmer continues to shine time and time again!

The triple threat entertainer continues to shine through various projects and ventures. Whether she’s entertaining or advocating for human rights, Palmer shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. Palmer continues to blaze the path before her as she adds Lee Daniels, Star to her shining resume.

Palmer will make her debut as Gigi in Star premiereing tonight on Fox. Palmer said that she is very excited, as “I really wanted  to work on the show. My character encompasses all the things that I love to do. The role of Gigi was so perfect for me as she acts, sings and dances.”

As Star returns apart of the highly anticipated second season, Palmer will add to the body of work as she plays the role of Gigi. She described Gigi as a “very raw and glamorous character who is going back and forth with labels, as she wanted to make a transition. Viewers will have an opportunity to get to know Gigi more and more over the season as she shows so many sides of her dynamic character.”

As Lee Daniels presents his spin off show, it is no secret of the unique plot twist and character development that is displayed through many of the actors. Keke agreed that her character does expand over the season and that it has been a very cool, comical and powerful experience to see the depth of Gigi expand throughout the season.” She shared that her character has range which will be visible over the season.”We see her in the past as being flamboyant, and this time around we get to see her as an actual person.”

Tune in tonight, and catch KeKe Palmer, apart of the brand new season of Lee Daniels Star on FOX!

Featured Image: Shutterstock