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What is your definition of a protective style and what styles work best for natural hair textures?

A protective style is any style that promotes healthy hair growth by protecting your hair from the stress of environmental factors while maintaining moisture and length retention. My top picks for protective styles are braids, extensions and bubble braid weaving which is a new form of weaving that is ideal for natural hair providing the least amount of tension and endless versatility so you can wear it many different ways!

Does the Extension Gallery offer products that assist with cleansing/conditioning the hair (aside from hair extensions)? If so, what products from the line are best to use to maintain the aesthetic of natural hair?

The Extension Gallery offers a full line of products for both your natural hair and your extensions! Our Sulfate Free Breath of Fresh Hair shampoo is infused with argan and moringa oil to moisture your hair during the shampoo process. The Hair & Now conditioner is a two in one product that also doubles as an intensive hair mask when left on for 30 minutes and works wonders on moisturizing natural hair from root to tip. Lastly our Luxe Edges Edge Control is infused with honey and castor oil to help repair damage to edges by restoring moisture while also keeping your edges sleek for a polished smooth finish!

Do you have any hair growth tips you can provide for our readers that wear extensions?

Extensions are a great protective style and when installed properly help promote hair growth. When installing extensions placement is key. I recommend minimal to no tension on your edges and typically start a quarter of an inch behind your natural hairline. To avoid breakage be sure to moisturize your scalp, I typically complete a hot oil treatment on my hair prior to installing extensions and immediately after removing.

Do you have any tips on how to maintain the shine/luster to hair extensions over time?

Moisture is key. We offer an amazing Luxe Treatment which allows clients to bring in their older extensions so that we can repair split ends and infuse moisture back into the hair which tends to get dull over time with heat exposure and excessive styling. Our Luxe Treatment is a homemade deep moisture mask passed down to me from my mother that is infused with natural extracts, which are sealed into the hair cuticle and soften the hair shaft naturally. If at home, I recommend using a deep moisture rich conditioner and wrap the hair in a hot towel for 15-20 minutes. Heat opens the hair shaft, which makes it easier for product to penetrate into the hair cuticle.

Wearing hair extensions sometimes receive a bad rep for potentially damaging your hair. What are your thoughts on this?

I believe that hair extensions are a great protective style however improper install, neglect and bad maintenance can cause breakage and irreversible hair damage. Although convenient and stylish extensions can’t be worn for long periods of time or as a replacement to a healthy hair care regimen. Remember to deeply moisturize hair in between installs, trim your ends to promote healthy hair growth and never wear extensions for more than 4-6 weeks.

Let’s talk trends! What trends are in this summer?

Hair this summer is all about evolution and innovation. Some of the top trending styles are evolutions from previous trends. Look out for:

Mod Up-do’s: (Think Cardi B) which can be created using a variety of textures and closures/frontals for full coverage capabilities.

Textured “Go Big or Go Home” (Think Sza) hair, which can be achieved using Plush Curl from our Regal Collection or Luxurious Loose Curl from our Vixen Collection.

Sexy Bed Head (Think Gabrielle Union), which can be achieved using Luxe Wave from our Regal Collection or Bodacious Body Wave from our Vixen Collection.

What is next for The Extension Gallery?

We will be introducing two new products this summer our Crown Collection which is a line of glueless lace wigs that are easy to install and remove to help clients switch up their look in a flash and infused hair extensions that promote healthy hair growth by infusing your scalp with natural extracts to achieve healthy scalp maintenance during your installations. Lastly we intend on expanding our color bar service to offer cutting edge color application such as “reverse balayage” and “color melting” to help our clients achieve flawless color results with eye catching dimensions.

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