Musical sensation Vivian Sessoms held a listening party at The Django in New York City for her highly anticipated album, LIFE, making it’s debut on Friday, November 2nd. Vivian’s sound has been described as the “sophisticated sound draws on jazz, R&B, and pop”. The album will encompasses all aspects from love to loss. This is Vivan’s first full album in over ten years, surprising listeners with an arrangement of classics. The remastered work of artists such as Billy Strayhorn, Stevie Wonder, Cole Porter, The Stylistics, and Frank Sinatra will appear on LIFE.

This Harlem native has worked with talents such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Pink, P. Diddy, and many more! After Chris Parks formed a partnership with Sessoms it give her a new stage presence. Also, they’ve collaborated to writte several songs for other artists that has been produced through their production company, Red Music.

The evening was a very intimate gathering that left guest in awe. Vivian explained, “I wanted to be very particular about the songs that I chose. I wanted to include songs that I love that I felt had a particular message about things that fit in with what I wanted to say about life. That is on the surface, but at the heart of LIFE, it’s a record about black people in America today. It’s a record about politics, it’s a record about government failing, a record about people being displaced and trying to figure out where they belong. And I tried to choose songs that I felt had meaning 40, 50, 60, years ago where the artists were saying the same exact thing as now. To make the point that these songs are still very relevant because the times have not changed.

It was definitely a night to remember!

Check out the action below:

Photo credit: Christine Connallon

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