Daila Beasley, popularly known as Sunni Dai is making quite the name for herself. Allow us to explain, at just seven-years-old, she is reaching for the moon to achieve her goals. Beasley is a young, ambitious star in the making. Her love for fashion began at an early age and in an instant, she knew this was the career path she wanted to take in life. Ahead of her first pop up fashion show “Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Event” happening this weekend, she took time out of her busy schedule to discuss her passion for fashion and what attendees of the event can expect to see!

Tell us about yourself. When did your love for fashion begin and how did you know that this was your calling in life?

My name is Daila Beasley but everyone knows me as “Sunni Dai.”  I’m 7 years old and I love playing soccer, basketball, and modeling.  I begin to love fashion when my mom would dress me up in cute dresses and rain boots.  I still love rain boots.  I started producing my own shows at 2 years old.  I was always bigger than the average 2-year-old and would cast with 5-year-olds.  My mommy is 5’8″ and Daddy is 6’9″ so doctors say I’ll be 6’2″.  I love walking the runway in so many colorful brands.  I meet so many new friends who love to model like me.  Everyone looks different and I always have fun meeting new kids.  I know fashion is my future because I love mixing color patterns.  My legs are really long and I believe I’m going to be a supermodel one day.  I’m the creative director over my show and all the colorful pictures, flowers and balloons I pick out.

photo credit VNR photo; Hair by Toniel; MUA LaTish Roach

Can you tell our readers about the Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Event happening this weekend?

This weekend I’m producing my first pop up a fashion show in Los Angeles.  The event will be giving you the top 10 kid fashion looks for the summer.    I have Ciao Bella, a luxury kid brand from ages 0-5, Emi Shizeki FIDM Fashion student will be showcasing her first children’s collection, Little Prospects fun sneaker brand, Mia New York a bold.electric and bright brand for NYC, Macy’s top retail chain, Khloe Kares is the only child designer presenting her first collection, Lola and the Boys a whimsical color kids collection, Ashley Rose a luxury kid brand, Toobydoo will be showcasing their swimwear line and Beach Boom a Brazilian swimwear line.

What can attendees expect to see at the event?

Attendees can expect a colorful show.  Looks will be for all kid sizes from 0- 12.  They attendees will be introduced to brands that might not be aware of and locals.  They will see lots of kidpreneurs at the event from reporters, vendors, designers, and models.  Kids are the future.  I wanted to show at my event how so many amazing kids can come together and show off their talents through fashion.  Meet other kids in the industry as well.

photo credit by Willie McNair; Hair by Toniel; MUA Gretchen Rodriguez 

Tell us about the theme for the Los Angeles show “Sunnichella.” What inspired the creation of the theme?

The theme “Sunnichella” came from me and my mom watching Beyonce Beychella.  I said, “Mommy I should do that for Los Angeles.” Coachella combines fashion and music.  My event will do the same. There will be lots of glitter, hats, greenery, boho bands, flowers, bright colors and tons of my celebrity friend gracing the runway with me.  We have a performance and cool DJ keeping the crowd excited.  It also is very free-spirited.  Our show always consists of kids of all colors, sizes, shapes, and disabilities.  So this theme was perfect.

What can we expect to see from Sunni Dai in the future?

Well up next I have my final pop up show in New York City showcasing the Back to School Collection on August 10.  I just completed an Old Navy campaign where I was on the window display of all Old Nacy stores nationwide.  I was very excited about having accomplished that.  So hopefully more large window displays and taking Sunni Dai Kids Fashion Week overseas.

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Featured Image by Marliese Marie Photography | provided by Sunni Dai