Take a look at Halle Berry’s stunning hairstyles throughout her Hollywood career

Halle Berry’s hairstyles help make her one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and she manages to increase in beauty as she continues to age. If you’re changing your hair and looking for a great look, check out some of these classic Halle Berry hairstyles to see if one inspires you.

Short Straight Alternative

This is one of those Halle Berry hairstyles that’s incredibly flattering, as it shows off her gorgeous bone structure. The highlights add depth, and the spiked strands at the top add a bit of a fun, punk rock flair to the entire look. The tapered edges keep the look classy yet edgy.

Fine Pixie Cut

This pixie cut was one of the signature Halle Berry hairstyles during the ’90s. The cat-licked edges and curls are flattering to her facial features. The super chic look is easy to wrap at night and freshen in the morning with a little bit of mousse or setting lotion.

Curly Coif

This hairstyle consists of what is commonly known as straw curls. It is perfect for girls who prefer to rock their natural hair. Halle Berry noted that this style is actually the texture of her naturally curly hair, so it was very easy to maintain. She also added a few warm blonde highlights to this flattering look.

Highlighted Bob

This super cute bob is accented with those blonde highlights that keep Halle Berry’s color young and fresh. This bob is a more feminine departure from her signature pixie cut. As the hair stops just below her earlobes, this curled style frames her face beautifully.

Shoulder-length Locks

This look consists of light brown sugar-colored strands that are highlighted with hints of blonde color. They graze a little past her shoulders. This look is easy to achieve with a blow dryer to create a blow-out. She added some soft curls to the ends of her strands. It’s truly an easy and effortless hairstyle for Halle.

Chocolate Strands

There’s nothing like a dark brown hairstyle to turn heads. In this look, Halle Berry is stunning with dark chocolate brown hair that cascades just past her shoulders. She’s also rocking a gorgeous cut for her bangs. The bangs perfectly frame her eyes and allow her to switch it up for an equally stunning look.

Blonde Finger Waves

These finger waves truly made a wave on the red carpet for Halle. The gorgeous honey blonde color against her skin tone made this look unforgettable.

Lengthy Curls

With this hairstyle, Halle shows the world that she can rock any length, whether it’s long or short. Halle’s long curls went well past her shoulders and stopped around the middle of her back. These gorgeous curls were both full and voluminous.

Beach Waves

Berry’s bob of messy beach waves still has her signature blonde color dispersed throughout. Along with the beloved color, this look speaks to Halle’s edgier side that is willing to play with tons of texture. This Halle Berry hairstyle is easy to achieve with a flat iron and a little bit of hairspray for a tousled look.