I looked in the mirror the other day and noticed something with my hair. Now, let me be frank. I’m not naïve to the inevitability of aging. I have no desire to avoid or cancel the will the time. Likewise, there is so much out there suggesting that aging is a bad thing. This is ridiculous people. To age beautifully is a wonderful thing. I think of those commercials, there’s a woman looking in a mirror or something, and a transcendent voice begins to speak from nowhere, explaining how much more wonderful the woman would feel if she looked younger. Okay, so even if these don’t really exist anymore, the message is implicitly suggested. Look younger, feel better…blah, blah, blah.

So what am I griping about? Well, I noticed my hair, oh the travesty, the hairline receding just a little too much for my liking. There I am, staring in the mirror, this little tuft of hair sticking out in the front on top of my forehead. “Genetics,” I tell myself. My father, you see, he still has plenty of hair at 65, but definitely has a “receded” not “receding” hairline. “Nothing to worry about,” I tell myself. But it’s a little unnerving. I’m just a little over thirty. I’m not old, am I? Of course not.

My earlier rant about beauty and aging, this is what I live by. Intellectually, philosophically, but in action? I certainly don’t mind growing old – my skin wrinkling, my back failing, teeth falling out…I’ll still have so much to live for and to be proud of. So why in particular am I so worried about losing my hair. What does this say about my psychological state? Am I hypocritical, fully ready to decry the materialistic properties and deplorable, not so subtle messages of the anti-aging aspects of the beauty industry, while holding myself to another standard…a standard in which I keep my hair?

Okay, it’s much easier to make statements from the sidelines, backseat driving, etc. For instance, I’m poor, tons of student debt, you get the picture, and tax cuts for the impoverished and college debt forgiveness, at the expense of taxing the wealthy, sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But what if I suddenly made ten million after investing into some unknown space walking shoe company or something else with sci-fi twist – like paranormal toasters? Healthy ice cream? Time travel suspenders? You see my point. I might be less reluctant to tax myself, maybe. I hope not.

But with this in mind, after seeing the hideousness of the thinning spot – truly the only example I can think of is the Looney Tune Roadrunner feather sticking up on top of his (her? its?) head, like a tall green tree in the middle of a desolate field – yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a hypocrite. I’ve begun to make strides, attempting to keep the hair that I have.

When it comes to hair loss, once the hair is gone, it’s gone. Unless you want to look ridiculous, hair plugs, surgery, etc. or have thousands of extra dollars (which I don’t have, since, you know, I haven’t invested yet in space walking shoes) your best bet is to healthily care for the hair you have. Unfortunately balding is mostly a genetic thing. But there are things you can do to thicken and prolong the inevitable.

  1. Make sure your shampoo is a good one, not one of those paraben filled toxic waste hair killers.
  2. Change your diet…more greens and protein
  3. Drink water and exercise (really you should be doing this anyways)
  4. Avoid brushing your hair when wet and wearing hats if possible
  5. Add a supplement to your routine, such as Akura Wellness’ Skin & Nails Complex, rich in Biotin
  6. And stay stress-free (whatever that means)

If you follow these steps, you won’t look younger, but your hair loss will slow down, allowing you to age beautifully…yeah, I’m a hypocrite.