A unique conversation with money

Money, as we know, can bring both joy and pain. When plentiful it can build anything from kingdoms, bridges, to relationships. However, when money is scarce, it can tear down nations, businesses, and homes. Money has no value expect what is given to it by the individual. Some may look at money as the primary reason to get up in the morning. Others look at money as nothing more than a piece of paper that makes people act crazy.

In this article, I would like to explore and express the good feelings of vibrations, which money is able to bring into the lives of those who use it productively.

Money is effective in the area in which it is needed most.

Until we understand and realize how energy exists and flows through all things – from rocks, plants, and people, to even money – we will never grasp the importance of how it affects our life experiences.

Many of us often have difficulty attracting the things we want. Please understand, everything around you responds to your feelings…even money.

The secret – for attracting and understanding money – is to not focus on how much you need money, for this will only keep it away from you. Manifesting money is all about the energy you put into the experience or reality you are seeking. For example, if it is a romantic getaway you wish to experience, you must express a strong sense of enthusiasm for the trip. The energy and excitement you put into visualizing the vacation will soon bring it into your life’s reality. To attract anything in your life you must first be on the same frequency as the thing which you desire. Whether it’s establishing a healthy relationship between you and your significant other, purchasing a new car or home, or getting a promotion, you have the power to manifest the desired outcome for anything you give your attention to.

In the same way, you must develop a unique conversation with money, one that communicates a plan to better your life and those around you. It is essential for you to establish a relationship with money, using visualization techniques, such as positive affirmation videos or audio, while also placing yourself in environments that stimulate positive energy. When visualizing and verbalizing your positive intentions for money, you are giving it an invitation to enter your life. However, money, like yourself, likes to receive, and in order to receive you must first give. In fact, the world we live in operates on a give and receive system. For example, if you pay the cashier for gas, you will receive gas. If you pay for food at a restaurant, you will receive food. What we put out, will eventually be exchanged for what we receive.

The relationship you develop with money must be healthy, positive, and productive. Money desires to bring love, happiness, and generosity into the lives of those who truly express their gratitude for and towards it. Money’s true purpose for humanity is designed to build up, bring joy, and enhance personal experiences. Setting daily goals and long-term dreams, to expand your life experiences, will attract money and help you accomplish them. Treating money as your business partner – by making plans and stewarding wisely – will ultimately provide money with purpose and give you a positive return on your investment. By doing this you will establish a relationship that will no longer leave you feeling a sense of lack, frustration, or disappointment.

Once your message is clear, and you have conveyed your plans for money, it’s time to orchestrate a dance. The art of dance is a powerful impulse of energy, channeled into expressions of connection and delight. In this case, dance will be referred to as managing. How well you manage money can make your money dance, bringing it closer into your life’s experience. The dance between you and money is delicate, therefore positively visualize, verbalize, and organize plans to experience money in your life more abundantly.