Crystal Perkins, a wife, mother of one, and owner of Faithful Chics Boutique, is ready to encourage, inspire, and share God’s message on a much larger scale by going global. Perkins first launched her brand two years prior after experiencing a season of loss. It was then that God told her to share her testimony. She decided to utilize apparel and unique faith-filled branding to spread God’s word in a fun and engaging way. Remixing pop culture adages and idioms, and giving them a faith-filled twist, she made shirts like ‘Wake, Pray, Slay,’ ‘Faith on Fleek,’ and ‘I’m Blessed’. Instant hits amongst consumers, Faithful Chics’ apparel has made women fall in love with a brand that makes their faith feel both cool, and empowering. Now ready to take the global market by storm, this unique faith-based apparel line is sure to have a powerful impact on all who see it, and all the Faithful Chics who rock them.

Perkins’s first stop on her global journey is Atlanta, GA. “Atlanta is a good place to grow and fill the need for a Christian brand,” she said, when asked about her move. “Everything about my business is a faith walk. I feel the growing excitement in Atlanta, [its a great place to launch globally].”

A Faithful Family

A Faithful Family

Aside from Faithful Chics Boutique, Perkins also gives back to her community through speaking engagements and charity events. Most recently, this Hope, Arkansas native, participated in the ninth annual Designers Choice Fashion Preview in Little Rock, Arkansas. There, Perkins was on hand to help the Timmons Arts Foundation raise money to provide grants, musical instruments, and art supplies to schools and programs around the metro area. But she doesn’t just attend events, she is honored at them. Though the list is sizeable, she was most notably awarded for the Woman of Excellence Award In Religion, and Entrepreneur of the Year 2015. Prestigious awards to be sure, but Perkins hasn’t paused her faith walk to celebrate. She continues her work to inspire others by including one on one consultations and Faith and Purpose seminars to her impressive repertoire of gifts.

“It grew out of a need to sew back into people what God had sewn into me,” she said of her seminars and consulting work.

Upcoming Launches We Don’t Want You to Miss:
2 Year Anniversary: May 21-22nd
Pajama Line Launch: May 21st

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