Karri Turner uses her vibrant voice to motivate and inspire women. She aids women in finding a deep and meaningful relationship with their creator so they can thrive with purpose. As a speaker, author, and philanthropist, her mission to encourage personal development, using an approach fueled by her passion for seeing transformation. SHEEN had a chance to catch up with the glamazon to discuss gratitude and empowering the masses.

The personal life and the mission to motivate women

Oftentimes, people see you in a certain capacity, and because you thrive in that area they believe your personal life is perfect as well, which is not always the case. I’ve gone through so much in my personal life I haven’t always been fond of. I try to use my experiences as motivation to be honest and transparent about where I am personally, and through this, encourage and empower women everywhere.


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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Karri Turner | photo by Marcus Owens