We live in a world where people tend to believe that everyone and everything is a competition. Sadly, that mentality alone has held many back from being their best version. One of the things that I, as a business owner, had to sit back and evaluate is how are women and major business winning? What I discovered is collaboration. I know many frown upon collaboration because they have been designed to be more drama-filled than anything else. I say, there is a secret sauce to collaboration and all should know it!

Three key components in collaboration is trust, environment, and the ability to take constructive criticism. Trust isn’t always easy when you’ve attempted partnership or collaboration in the past. One thing that is important is to research the person you want to collaborate with. Almost anything that you want to learn about a business owner can be found online. Take a look at their website if they have one. READ the good and not so good reviews and then match it to their social media presence to determine if this person is a good fit for you.

Why is environment so important in collaboration? You guessed it…the ability to leverage their audience and vice versa. Is their audience a good fit for the product/service? What is the exposure gain you can get? Will this be a good move in the long run? Many of these questions are important when choosing the right collaboration with the right environment.

Constructive criticism is like the water you need to grow. In a collaboration, people want to feel valued and be able to add value as well. I often tell people, when teaching on collaboration, that they are not built for those who have grown to their maximum potential. Being able to know that growth is part of collaboration, allows you to understand that criticism is not a personal attack but if carried out properly is something you can learn from, ultimately increasing your production potential. You as the person wanting to collaborate should also feel the need to share nuggets from a perspective of growth.

In 2019 as we strive to be greater, growing as business owners, make a plan to know that collaboration makes us better, whereas competition just makes us faster. We should be strategic about who we connect with, regardless of whatever goal we have. You are your BEST judge when it comes to collaboration and what they will yield. Remember we can go further together than apart.

This feature was submitted by Deborah Risper

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