Xaiver Dotson aka Zaytoven is a most definitely a well-known man in the world of music. He is a Grammy award-winning music talent who has used his voice and power as an artist to put efforts into philanthropy. With a fully packed schedule filled with exciting new projects, Zaytoven found the time to sit down to discuss his foundation for the up and coming generation and what you can expect to see from him in the future.

Tell us about yourself, when did you know that music would become such a big part of your life?

Well, my real name is Xaiver Dotson. My dad was in the military so I moved all my life. I was born in Germany. I knew that music was going to be a big part of my life because he was a preacher in church and my mom was a choir director. At a young age, I started playing the drums, organ, and keyboard in church. I loved it so I just knew that it was going to be apart of my life without knowing that it would end up being my career later on in life.

Tell us about Birds of a Feather 2! What are your thoughts on the sequel? Will there be a part 3?

Part 2 is really special to me because the first time we shot Birds of a Feather, it was my first time acting in the movie and doing a full feature film. We were kind of just running and gunning. I didn’t have it together like I need to, I didn’t have the equipment I wanted, and the sound equipment wasn’t great. We even used a handheld camera. Part 2 was my chance to do it right. I was very proud to do the sequel because I had my stuff together so it is definitely special to me.

I can’t say if there will be a part three, part two might be enough. (laughs)

Do you mind sharing your experience on BET’s hit competition show, The Next Big Thing?

I really enjoyed doing that! I will say the movie kind of prepared me to do that. It’s a lot of lines you have to say and things you have to reenact so I kind of felt comfortable with it because it was kind of close to it. I wasn’t acting the whole time but I had to recite lines and do things of that nature. I’m excited for it to come on television, I wonder how they will edit it because there was a lot going on (laughs).

What is the Zayarea Foundation?

The foundation is called Zayarea, I mimicked the Bay area since I’m from the Bay area. Its really just me trying to give back and help the up and coming generation that wants to pursue music. I believe that music is one of the most thought out occupations of the world right now. I want to be able to lead and guide the younger generation in the right direction. I’m a producer that plays instruments, I believe in God so that I try to help them follow along those paths. I provide instruments and producing equipment and give tips to make them successful.

What can we expect to see from Zaytoven in the future?

Ah man! You know what? My career has been going so crazy that I didn’t even know all the things that I’m doing as far as a movie, a book, a television show, and all the music I’ve done was going to happen. I never thought I’d being doing this much. I’m excited myself to see what is next for Zaytoven.


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