Mornings are the determining factor to how you will walk into the rest of your day. So here are some tips that will guarantee you a positive, productive and joy filled day.

First, when your eyes open and you do that big stretch as you prepare to get out of the bed, be thankful for the day that has been given to you. You have woken up to another beautiful day which is something to be extremely grateful for in itself. As you get up say aloud, “thank you for this day that has been given to me”. This will automatically set your mind on alert to acknowledge all of the positive moments coming your way.

Secondly, before you get ready and prepare yourself physically for the day, take out 10 to 15 minutes to stretch. In this time stretch your legs, arms, back, abs and all other areas applicable. When you stretch in the morning you are inviting relaxation and peace into your mind and body. This will keep you calm and at ease as your day progresses.

Thirdly, after you have stretched, read. You can read your Bible, the new book you just recently bought, or even an online article. Whatever you read make sure it is something that will enlighten you and stimulate your mind. Read something that will challenge you to analyze and test your critical thinking. When you read in the morning you are preparing your mind to be awake and on point for the rest of the day.

After you have completed these three task, you can now begin to get ready for the day. Get dressed, brush those teeth and do all other things apart of your morning routine. However, this time when you complete those tasks, take pride in the time you spend pampering yourself, getting your outfit together and making yourself look great for the day ahead. There are so many ways in which we have all been blessed so let’s always remember that as well in your new and improved morning routine. Never forget to have fun with every day that has been given to you!