J.E.B Stuart Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia now has a new name!

The school was named after a Confederate general who fought for the rights of slave owners during the Civil War. The elementary school has about 400 students, 90% in which are children of color.

On Monday, the Richmond School Board came to a 6 to 1 vote to remove the general’s name from the school and instead replace it with our very first African-American president, Barack Obama. It is now named, Barack Obama Elementary School

In a statement, Richmond schools superintendent, Jason Kamras said,

“This is the former capital of the Confederacy, and J.E.B. Stuart is an individual who fought to preserve slavery. And I couldn’t think of a more fitting change in the arc of history to have a school named after our first African-American president.”

This fall, when students return to school, they will now be attending a newly revived elementary school!

Featured Image: Shutterstock