James Hunt is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and celebrity wealth management expert of Atlanta, Georgia. He assists many A-list celebrities with managing their money and staying financially healthy. James and I had an informative discussion about building wealth and the importance of maintaining a great credit report.

What steps did you take that put you on the path from being homeless to wealthy?

When I was homeless, I knew that I had something. I had a vision for my life and a vision for my company. Even though I was homeless, I had this big secret that was going to make me successful. I started the business off in a Starbucks. I would get there at 6 in the morning and sit at the center table and work. I would sit there until 4pm and then go to FedEx. I’d sit there and run my business until the evening time. The business is a credit repair company that assists my clients in addressing negative credit issues that they have on their credit report such as anything that is reported inaccurate, taking out personal information that needs to be corrected or updated, and the removal of major negative foreclosures and everything else off of their credit report.

Your staff consists of all young black men who were homeless or disadvantaged. What are you teaching them in order to get them on the path to success?

The best way of teaching is to lead by example and I would like to think I am an example for them. My passion is reaching out to someone else who was homeless, who’s mother has thrown them out, or someone who may be living from girlfriend to girlfriend. I like taking someone like that and pulling them up so they understand responsibility and the importance of having good credit in order to have a roof over their head. Success for me is the people I have around me. I have pulled them up and watched them grow into the young men they are.

What is an ideal credit score? What steps can a person take in order to raise their overall credit score?

The goal should always be to be above that 750 range so if you obtain any hard inquiries, it won’t knock your score down. You also need to know why the credit score is low. It can be because your credit cards are maxed out and need to be paid down in order to get the score up because if you use more than 30% of your available credit, it can plummet your credit score. Sometimes people have nothing negative in their credit report, they just need to pay down their account.  

Do you have any advice you could offer to our readers?

My advice is that a person can have anything that they choose to have. As big as you can think for your life, you can make it happen. We have to educate ourselves as a people and as a human race concerning what the laws are concerning our credit. We have to be proactive about it. There is nothing stopping us from getting the highest credit scores and obtaining everything that life has to offer.

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