Let me begin with saying Happy Valentine’s Week to you all! Even though I preach not to get caught up in the hype, I absolutely love this time of year in all of its overrated-ness, haha! It seems to be the only season where couples, singles, friends and children really try to outdo each other in expressing their love for one another.

Chocolates, beautiful flowers, romantic gestures, intimate dinners, sweet kisses and love notes are all apart of making this day and a certain someone feel special…feel loved! Heck! Even when there’s no one to show us this love, we make it a point to show ourselves by buying that dress we always wanted, relaxing and getting pampered at the spa, or simply cozying up on the couch to our favorite movie and ice cream with no agenda! We all desire that moment, just 24 hours of a love overdose and a reminder that we’re adored.

So what’s a Valentines Kind of Love? Although love should be shared and demonstrated 365, it’s taking advantage of the numbers 2/14 that only roll around once a year and completely exaggerating your feelings. But in order to do that let me share with you what every girl fantasizes and what every guy needs so that you can take the best steps toward making this day amazing!

What a girl wants!

Most girls want everything cute and cheesy! Fellas, this is literally the only day you can do it and its accepted! She wants something over the top-not the usual. If she’s fancied by the expensive things in life, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. Present her with an oversize teddy bear and hang her new sparkling accessory from a stunning bow wrapped around its neck! She’ll love it!

But if she’s more laid back like me, the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but more so creative! She wants to know that you’ve actually taken the time to think of her and what she likes! Rose petals on the floor leading to hand written puzzle pieces of a love note you wrote expressing your adoration for her; watching as she puts the pieces together while you have “your” song playing in the background with a candle lite dinner set for two! It’ll definitely be a night to remember!

What does a girl want? She wants bragging rights! When all of her friends send out texts asking what their mate did, she wants to be able to one up them! She wants to brag on YOU!! So do it right and make it count!

Now ladies, I know a lot of us would like this day to be ALL ABOUT US, but we can’t forget about our men!

What a guy needs!

Guys are a little less complicated! On Valentine’s Day, and any day for that matter, they simply want to be appreciated and recognized for the daily things they do. Whether it’s taking out the trash, picking you up for work every day, bathing the kids or paying the bills, men want to feel valued! So what can you do to make this day special for him? KNOW YOUR MAN! Get him what you know he likes, whether it’s his favorite team sweat shirt and few hours with the guys to watch the game or his favorite meal with all the bells and whistles prepared by you, entirely for him! He’ll certainly feel the love!

What your man doesn’t want is to be bombarded with daily hints leading up to the day of what he can do for you! Give him a chance to figure it out and create something special on his own. But, if you can’t seem to contain yourself, don’t let every clue come from you. Tell your best friend what you’d like and let her do your dirty work! *wink, wink*

This week I wish you that special Valentine’s Kind of Love, and hope you share with me what your special someone prepared just for you (or what you did for yourself) in the comment section below!

As Always,