Yes, it’s true! Cleaning your beauty blender just got a lot more fun!

We’ve seen quite an amount of innovative beauty tools over the years but trust me when I say this new gadget is about to completely change the game! Beauty blogger, Tiffany Lynette Davis took a toy and made it into a cleansing device and it’s too cute for words!

The toy, now beauty blender washing machine ranges for 11 bucks on Amazon! The blogger originally bought the toy for her doll house but found a cool way to incorporate it into her beauty cleaning. Check out how she uses this toy to clean her makeup sponge below!

Davis also followed up by posting a YouTube video giving a review of the washing machine.

Look, regardless if the toy is something that can be used every day or not if you’re like me and you’re always too lazy to clean your beauty tools, this is a must-have!


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Featured Image: Shutterstock