At some point in our lives, we all struggle with weight loss, knowing what to eat, and trying to figure out what workout regimen is best for you. I am here to tell you it’s not an easy process. If you’re just starting on your fitness journey, you know exactly what I am talking it. Working out is not one of those things you love at first; you grow to love it.

Four years ago, I was 230 pounds – and now I’ve lost 100 pounds. Back then, I stood where most of you are standing now, at a crossroad of wanting to improve your health, life, and relationships. To be honest, most of us just want to fit into our favorite pair of jeans or wear our favorite blouse without the button-busting open. Trust me, I have been there. I couldn’t fit into any of my favorite outfits and experienced so much emotionally draining stress because of my weight. I found myself not wanting to socialize, to be around family and friends, because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body. Pause.

Before I jump ahead of myself l know many of you are wondering how I lost all this weight. Here it is – my journey, my emotions, and my results.

My journey started in 2015, during a difficult time and bad place in my life. Nothing seemed to work for me. I lost my job, my relationship, and my home. Life felt as if someone had pulled the rug from under my feet, destroying everything life I had previously thought of as solid.

At first, I thought I would be able to live off my savings and things would work out eventually. But as time passed, the job offers didn’t come, my savings were slowly running out, and adding to this, I was on the verge of being evicted. I am a natural born fighter, and so I kept telling myself things would turn around for me. They didn’t.

A month later, I asked a friend to help me move my belongings into storage. All the money I had went into securing that storage unit. I moved in with another friend a few days later. I took temp jobs here and there to survive, but nothing permanent came through. I found myself very frustrated and mad at the world.

My emotions started getting the best of me. I went from being an overly confident individual to a woman who was continually doubted herself. I sunk into a deep depression. I turned from one relationship to the next, over and over, wanting to be needed and loved. Each day, I felt as if I was losing the core of who I am as a person. My morals and values were changing. And I didn’t like who I was becoming. I wasn’t me!

If that wasn’t bad enough, the people I called my friends soon disappeared. I had two friends who remained by my side through it all and still do to this day. I continued down this destructive path for another month, and then I told myself something had to change. I couldn’t believe what my life had become. I decided to relocate to Atlanta, where at least I could be close to my family. Going through a difficult time in your life, without family around.

My life instantly started to change once I moved to Atlanta. I knew how I did not want my life, so I set out on a new path and changed the way I thought about things. I removed bad habits and certain people from my life and rededicated my life to invest in myself. Then I found CrossFit.

My sister invited me to a CrossFit session sometime around Thanksgiving and let me tell you, when you’re completely out of shape, it was no easy workout, but I got through it. Looking back on that day, I remember how in control of my life I felt while doing the exercises and lifting the weights. I knew CrossFit could help me escape the situation I was in. At this point in my life, it was all or nothing, life or death and I chose life!

I signed up to the box (CrossFit term for location) and went two times a day, every weekday and Saturday for a year. At first, my body was not having it. It took me a minute to adjust to the movements, but I stuck with it and in the first three months I lost 60 pounds. Once my body got onboard, I had to train my mind to not give up. I continued CrossFit for months. I added in cardio, then the pounds really came off. Finally, I changed my diet. I avoided all sugar, high fructose corn syrup, grains, dairy, trans fats, and artificial sweeteners.

The key to weight loss for me is in the meals I prep. You must eat on schedule, eat the right portions and right types of foods. Overall, I’ve lost 100 pounds on my weight loss journey. Now I am in the process of building lean muscle, toning, while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The key to a successful fitness journey involves making decisions which will become a daily long-term lifestyle change, rather than a short-term commitment. For all your fitness needs, visit the official iInspire website to begin your fitness journey today.

Regardless of what life throws at you just know that you are strong and will get through it. Remember to live your purpose, not your circumstance.


This feature was submitted by Unicka “Neek” Brown

Born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, Unicka “Neek” Brown has always wanted to inspire the world through positive thinking, shining bright, illuminating the darkest areas. Her company – The iInspire Way, LLC. – offers fitness training services, in which she motivates and uplifts her fitness clients by encouraging them before, during, and after their workout. Her thought is that “one cannot motivate or inspire another if you haven’t previously walked in their shoes.” She teaches those who are open and willing to learn, but likewise, she is always ready to receive a lesson as well.

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