The holiday season is already here. It feels like back-to-school was a hot minute ago, but at least 90 days have passed since us working moms survived that hustle. Yet, here we are once again. Our upcoming Thanksgiving feast is around the corner and soon after Rudolph will be on his way. We are now traveling at light speed toward the holiday hustle. I can already feel my anxiety rising and a clench in my gut from the impending stress. Cue the craziness of managing the family calendar, wrapping presents, having the kids and home, and yes, work. When the holiday hustle and end of the work year collide, it can be a recipe for sheer insanity. Working moms are responsible for finishing projects and meeting deadlines, all while managing the holidays. This can be overwhelming, exhausting, and of course, this happens every year. So, what can we do this year to survive it and keep our sanity?

Here are 5 Tips!

  1. Imbibe:

Have cocktails over the holiday season and don’t wait for a party to do it. I’m already imbibing now so that I am extra prepared. No shame here. You have permission from us – moms – to actually feel like a human and find a way to cope. Believe me, two glasses of wine at night, or three will not hurt you. You may actually feel better because you won’t care that the Amazon package didn’t arrive on time, or that you can’t find where you hid that damn Elf on the Shelf from last year. And if you can, find time to imbibe with your friends. Have them over for some strong eggnog or even latkes and vodkas. They can be the best support for survival.

  1. Let it Go Elsa:

If you can’t make the school holiday party or you forget to buy a Secret Santa gift for your work colleague, let it go! In the spirit of the holiday season and Frozen, take Elsa’s advice. She did it, and she’s a queen. We don’t have to accomplish everything, nor do we need to put the stress on ourselves or each other to do so. Perfection is not a reality, family events are not flawless, and stress is inevitable. So, don’t put it on yourself. Let it go and remember that you too are a queen.

  1. Divide and Conquer:

As moms, we think we have to do all of the planning and preparing for the holidays. We take it upon ourselves to deal with parties, schedules, in-laws, and decorating the house to name just a few. This year, do something different. Divide and conquer. This year, have your husband, sister or oldest child take on 2-3 tasks that will give you some space and grace, and, perhaps more importantly, don’t feel bad about it. They can certainly handle some gift wrapping or decoration duty for you.

  1. Set Expectations:

Don’t roll into the end of the year feeling like you have to be the one to manage what everyone else expects out the holidays. Moms are wired to be the family nucleus, to take care of everyone, and are often overlooked. We are the first person relied upon for holiday planning and handling family drama. This year, let’s realize it is okay to not please everyone. Alleviate this stress by setting expectations with your family, in-laws and kids to avoid an emotional scuffle. Let people know where you will or will not be on Christmas Eve or the first night of Hanukkah. Let family know that this year holiday gifts are limited to immediate family, or that you can only make two parties. It’s okay. Setting boundaries will ensure your own happiness and take a load of stress off.

  1. Watch A Bad Moms Christmas:

Do yourself this favor. When all hell is breaking loose and Santa is loading his sled, watch A Bad Moms Christmas. Get the kids to sleep, get a big glass of wine, sit on your couch and tune the world out. Find the humor in all that we do, laugh really hard and know that you are not alone.

Moms are special and we do everything we can for our families. We know that the holiday season won’t be easy, and that it will take a lot of thought and planning, especially with work in the mix. Yet, as this year comes to a close, we can take pleasure in knowing that the reindeer landed, the kids got gifts and yes, we still closed a deal.

This feature was submitted by Holly Caplan

Holly Caplan is a workplace issues expert, career coach and author of Surviving the Dick Clique: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. For more information, please visit, and connect with her on Twitter, @hollymcaplan.

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