Yesterday, A24 Films partnered with the Cinema, Television, & Emerging Media Studies Program of Morehouse College (CTEMS) to bring the cast of MOONLIGHT to campus. Students enjoyed a private screening with a Q&A session moderated by Professor Stephane Dunn. Cast members in attendance included Naomie Harris, Janelle Monae and Trevante Rhodes. Moonlight tells the story of a young boy growing up in a rough neighborhood with a drug addicted mother. It shows his journey through life and the dramatic things that he endured that shaped him into what he considers “manhood”. This film tackles the male perspective on masculinity and the ability to show emotions in a world that most men feel they cannot have “feelings” or “emotions.”



Guests were able to share heartwarming reactions to the film with the cast.

Naomie Harris spoke about her initial response to the role “I’m not playing a stereotypical crackhead role” she initially thought. After learning more about the character and the script; she opened her mind to telling someone else’s story. Janelle Monae spoke about how she could relate to the film because she has family members in prison now for trapping and living that hard lifestyle. Fans placed this film in the same category as Precious, For Colored Girls, and 12 Years A Slave. If you enjoyed those films you will love this one. MOONLIGHT opens October 21 in New York and Los Angeles and on October 28 in Atlanta. The film opens everywhere November 4.


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