Motivational mogul, Tremaine France is quickly on the rise. Known as Mr. Hard Work Grind, Tremaine has become the main topic of discussion when it comes to fitness and how to achieve greatness through putting your goals into action. Sheen sat down with Tremaine to disucss what it’s like being a fitness/motivational guru and where the name Mr. Hard Work Grind comes from!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Tremaine France aka Mr. Hard Work Grind and I am a motivational mogul. Tremaine France is a husband, a father of two queens and also a three month old prince; someday he will receive the torch of greatness, he’s got some big shoes to fill. I want him to continue the legacy and be better than me. Other than that, I am a son, a brother and mentor. I’m more than just a brand and a entrepreneur. There are so many layers to Tremaine France.

How did you get the nickname Mr. Hard Work Grind?

I’ve always been Mr. Hard Work Grind. I’m 5’7’’ on a tall day, I always mess with people because beyond my stature I was able to compete at a high level within football and basketball. I was a student athlete at a division 2 school, Southern Connecticut State University so shout out to them. Now, I’ve just evolved, I’ve taken all the life lessons I’ve learned along the way from competing athletically to not growing up with out my biological father and put it into play. I was blessed to have a man raise me from an infant age to now, that’s my dad. Despite those situations, I challenged myself to use what I’ve been blessed with in life compared to what I’m lacking, that’s Mr. Harwork Grind.

Do you have any advice for those whose New Year resolution may be to become more fit? In your opinion, how do you believe they can stick to that resolution?

I love fitness and all it’s concepts because in order for you to become better, you have to have a game plan. I often meet people that want to get started with making fitness apart of their lives. They may come to me with their goals of losing weight. Well, the ultimate goal should be starting off with healthy living. After getting to the root of what your goal is, you should then identify your daily habits. I’m big on the gym but if you can’t make it to the gym, are you dominating the areas that you can work in? The last thing is being consistent. You have to be eager and motivated to go to the gym. The challenge is always doing it for the whole year. If you don’t reach your goal in the amount of time you give yourself but you still lose weight, that’s still the win.

When you speak to others and you get them motivated to achieve their goals, what is the main message you want others to gain when they listen to you speak?

I want them to understand that it’s worth it and necessary to move forward. Everyone’s life is different but you can’t look to the left or the right, or at other people’s lives. Your cards are yours for a reason, you’re dealt with them and you can make the most of it. I just simply want others to understand that in order for them to become better, it’s going to be difficult, however, it’s not about what happens to you, it’s how you respond to the changes that makes it a game changer. When you hear Hard Work Grind, you just want to stop at Hard Work. But with that Grind factor, if you invest in that grind, it produces something amazing.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you have in 2018?

Mr. HWG is working! In order for me to turn my visions into reality, we have to have an amazing team. It’s all a collective effort and my motto is, #TogetherWeWin. In 2018, the team has amazing projects coming up. We have a motivational tour where I collaborate with many game changers to go to grammar schools, high schools, and colleges to give them motivational concerts our way, the HWG way. In addition to that, I’m finishing up my animation cartoon which is for the babies. When they hear Mr. HWG, they’re going to be reminded that their life matters and that their dreams are possible. I want for my character to have my beard and even my tattoos because that’s relevant. Sometimes, we’re often given an image of what success looks like and that’s not always the case. Finally, The Rebirth. In 2018, we will be putting out The Rebirth, which is a motivational music project that is geared towards me telling my story and providing an outlet for others.

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