Activist, speaker, and founder of the Mindful Mizfitz , Slym has finally unveiled her much-anticipated debut book that takes you on a voyage to the basics of foundations, family, relationships and marriage!

From creating an online media platform that facilitates the principles of free speech and expression to inspiring people to be more compassionate for each other- the upbeat activist can now add the title of author to her many talents!

“Friendships, Relationships, and Companionships” promises to take you to the different levels of friendships and aptly explains how each one of those is important to building and maintaining healthy relationships. In fact, Slym’s voice is one of wisdom, experience, and love with a deep message that we are all bound together as friends and companions no matter our differences.

Slym writes, in her own sarcastic way, “this is not your average book, and I am not your average chick, here’s a book where we all fit.”

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Slym and I’m a 31-year-old mother of two. I’m a Georgia Peach, a lover of life, and a growing entrepreneur. I have several businesses; a clothing, hair and accessories store, real estate company and author/publishing company. I have just finished publishing my first book Friendships, Relationships & Companionships.

What is the meaning behind Mindful Mizfitz?

We all face issues and have been through things in life that others in life would love to shame us, and lived and learned in ways that only life’s experiences could teach. All because being hardheaded isn’t just an action, it’s a lifestyle. I am a mizfit to my heart and have always rebelled against what was considered normal or in sync with society. I believe that everyone is different for a purpose and entitled to be exactly like God made them with no judgment. So, while I stand for what I want, have no filter and refuse to change just for the sake of others happiness, I believe I can do all these things while still be respectful and mindful of others in addition to maintaining tact in all situations.

What lead you to become an activist, speaker, and author?

I witnessed a need in today’s society with no one willing to jump in and fill a void. You see a lot of talk on social media or hear chatter amongst groups while out, but you never really see things put into action. I got tired of standing on the sidelines only speaking out in my circle. Most are just waiting on someone else to step up. To do that you have to be willing to take the bad with the good and we all know how ugly society can be at times. I wanted others to know that they are not alone and I am willing to be the example and vulnerable if that means exposing my flaws and admitting that I have not always made the best choices as well.

You speak about the basics of foundations, family, relationships and marriage and the importance of it, why is this important?

Its important because without these things we lack empathy, unconditional love, understanding, trust, and compassion. If you have never experienced real love or someone being honest with you, it’s hard to reciprocate it. Broken homes have become a norm where there once never was. There is an arrogance now in being a side chick that is unreal to me. We struggle with humanity today because for majority basics no

 longer exists. All stemming from the fact that the priority of foundation and family is commonly placed on the back burner. Everyone concerned for self and fulfilling their selfish needs.

What are you looking to have your audience gain from your book?

I want them to gain insight into who they are as a person and what they truly need. We are all so caught up in living that we forget to take time to actually live. I want them to understand that there is nothing wrong with being an individual and being in a relationship, that’s what keeps it growing and flourishing. Know that before you can make anyone or be a peace for someone, you must be accomplishing these things for self. Only you know what you want out of life and in your relationship. Express that fearlessly and unapologetically and don’t be afraid to walk away if it’s not what you prayed for.

Where can people purchase a copy of your book?

You can purchase a copy of my book at my website or on Amazon/Kindle.

Are you planning a book tour and if so, where can people find where you will be and when?

Yes, I plan to go on a book tour after the new year. Make sure you subscribe on our website to our mailing list for dates, times and locations. Please feel free to suggest any places you would like to see me come out as well.

What’s next for you?

I am currently working on the second half to Friendships, Relationships & Companionships. I am also hosting workshops discussing relationship topics people are scared to touch. They will be a small setting with equal men and women so we can get different viewpoints and everyone can actually be heard.

How can people follow you and what you have coming up next?

You can follow me on Instagram or on Facebook. Also like I said you can subscribe to our email list to keep up with all up and coming events and book signings. I am relationship coach and host individual or group sessions as well.