I was granted the opportunity to speak with Mr. Melvin Jackson Jr. regarding his role in the BET’s New Edition mini-series, New Edition: The Movie, as the legendary Kurtis Blow. Speaking with, Mr. Jackson, who is not only an actor, but a comedian, director, and producer in his own right. Mr. Jackson also grew up as a huge New Edition fan.

Mr. Jackson, how do you feel knowing that you are starring as Mr. Kurtis Blow in the new BET New Edition Mini-Series. Are you excited about this particular role and how was this brought to you?

I am very excited and honored to play him in this amazing movie. I felt like I had to do a great job because he is a hip-hop legend.  This was destined for me to play this role without my knowledge. Because I met Kurtis Blow years ago and had a conversation with him twice.

I think nothing is ever a coincidence and as a kid, I’ve always loved New Edition as one of my favorite R&B groups. When I found out about the New Edition movie, I asked my agent to submit me, but didn’t hear anything back for about 4 or 5 months about any roles for me.

Normally, after I audition for a role I move on to the next and not worry about it, but for this role, I was checking my emails every day, several times a day.

Then days later my agent sent an email to inform me that I was one of the top choices and we were just waiting for the final decision on who was going to be picked.

Then I remember a couple of days later I received a call letting me know that I booked it, while I was driving and was like…Yes!

I knew the director Chris Robinson, so it just felt right for me to be a part BET’S  “New Edition mini-series”.

Melvin and Kurtis

Rapper Kurtis Blow

How did it feel to portray the Hip Hop Legend, Kurtis Blow?

I was nervous because this is pressure and I have to deliver, I keep saying I hope I don’t mess up. Once I got there, everyone was like, ‘Kurtis Blow, Kurtis Blow.’ I just went out there and just had fun and after the take, everyone said I did a great job. Just how I was looking, it was like one of the best experiences of my life.

Many true New Edition fans and followers, I’m sure are looking forward to seeing BET’s New Edition Mini-Series and reliving our days of listening to hits from the late 80’s and 90’s, such as “Candy Girl,” “Count Me Out,” and “Can You Stand The Rain,” just to name a few.  New Edition never missed a beat.

Tune into BET Awards this Sunday, June 26, 2016!