Being an underdog means having to go up against the norm of doing things. While others may spend a lot of time trying to master the game, underdogs see hidden opportunities and utilize those opportunities to get to the top and achieve their goals. Actor, Woody McClain has taken Hollywood on by storm and continues to pave the way for those who never had faith in themselves to make it in the entertainment industry. In a recent interview on Starrdom100 Radio, Woody made me laugh all while inspiring me with his story as to how he went from being a background dancer to being on the television screens!

So you are from Florida, according to some FAMU fans, you were also in the band once? What instruments do you play?

Yes, I was in the marching band, shout out to my FAMU alumni. Music was my thing and I did that since I was little; I played euphonium, trombone and sousaphone.

You are now a celebrity, what keeps you humble with all of that exposure?

I don’t really take things too serious, I mean we are here today and gone tomorrow, so I’m just enjoying my life now. I guess that is how I really look at everything, by not taking it too serious. I’m just here to make people feel better and that’s why I got into the entertainment business.

What was the audition experience like for the role to play Bobby Brown in the New Edition movie?

It was great, I remember going in there, it was like three Bobby Browns and like three of every character. You had all of these people and it felt like it was an audition for the basketball team. The director, Chris Robinson would call in all the Bobby Browns and have one of us sing in front of the other. For me, I felt like it was super dope because I had friends there like Keith Powers, so I knew a lot of them already going in, it made me feel comfortable. It was a great experience.

How has the break through with your career helped you change as a young man in the industry?

That’s a deep one….Right now I’m just very focused when it comes to the business. Seeing how with New Edition, those guys got ripped off so many different times with their money and that’s like my number one thing now, which is making sure the business is right and making sure that I’m investing now because it’s not always about spending.

I’m sure you know what it feels like to be at a slow moment in your career waiting for your big break. What would you say to inspire those who are at that moment now?

I would say don’t wait, keep grinding and keep working because it’s going to come. Everybody’s lane is different. Mine was different because I went straight from dancing to acting. There was no waiting process for me so that was just one of the doors that God opened up for me. So stay consistent, stay motivated, stay humble, stay grounded, and you will make anything happen.\

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(ALL IMAGES BY: Lawrence A. Brown)