You may recognize Cree Davis as she portrayed music legend, Janet Jackson in the recent biopic, The Bobby Brown Story. This young, ambitious actress is here to let you know that she’s just getting started. Davis recently released a hit single titled, “Only Girl” from her upcoming album, Love Levels. In addition to that, Cree launched Dream Out Loud in Atlanta, Georgia which is part of her Unconditional Love Movement in order to spread positivity to the youth in order to create their future desires. We sat down with Cree Davis to learn about everything she’s got up her sleeve in the future.

Tell us about yourself, have you always known that you would end up in the world of entertainment?

I always knew that I would end up in the world of entertainment or somehow end up performing for others. I grew up in a family of nothing but entertainers: singers, musicians, dancers, my mother is a performing arts teacher so I grew up with her teaching me everything that I know. My father, God rest his soul was a guitarist and singer. I grew up in it from being a baby in the car seat to being in a band room listening to my parents’ band called, The Escapades. I was literally born in it. My name Cree means creative, it’s who I am.

You starred in The Bobby Brown Story. Do you mind sharing your experience on the hit biopic?

It was a great experience. I was happy to help Bobby Brown share a little piece of his story that most people didn’t know. There is healing and vulnerability and Bobby was vulnerable with his life story. Its healing for him and for others. I was really happy to be apart of the biopic, I was happy to portray Janet Jackson. I’ve always looked up to her, she’s a phenomenal woman. It was an exciting time.

Do you have a favorite role you’ve portrayed thus far?

I portrayed a stud, a female hard stud in Shots Fired (laughs). I had cornrows and I portrayed a hard drug dealer. I think it was fun for me because it was the complete opposite of who I am. Just to play that role and live in a different energy and vibe was fun! As an artist and actor, you’re trained to not judge the character. If you judge the character, you’re judging someone in real life. You can’t truly be honest in the craft of being an actor if you judge the character. I walked into that character just open and ready! People actually thought I was a stud. When I showed up at the wrap party, Sanaa Lathan looked at me and I said “Hey Sanaa!” She was stunned and asked, “Is that Cree?” (laughs). The producers and writers of Shots Fired didn’t even know who I was, they really thought I was a stud (laughs). I had to explain that this was me, I was in a dress, had my hair curled, and makeup done!

When you want to get booked for a role, you show them the character and that is exactly what I did, they believed it (laughs). So yes, I think that was my favorite role.

Tell us about Dream Out Loud.

I have a heart and passion for the youth. On August 30th, I produced an event called, Dream Out Loud. 600 Atlanta public school kids from underserved schools were surprised with a field trip to see the actual Black Panther car. Lexus and Toyota North America were our title sponsors. Chick-Fil-A was our platinum sponsor. They fed all 600 students. Different organizations in the country come in and set up experimental groups. I also had a panel who spoke positive words to these kids to help renew their mind of who they are. We had Michael B. Jordan, Ludacris, Dr. Lonnie Johnson who is the inventor of the Super Soaker, and two executives from Lexus and Toyota North America. I wrote a song called, “Kings and Queens” where I was singing and speaking to these kids so they knew that they have a bright light within themselves. This event was a dream of mine. When I saw the Black Panther movie and saw how the youth reacted to the movie, I saw the light in their eye that I have never seen before. I wanted to create something that was real to them.

Do you have any upcoming projects you could tell us about?

Actually, there is a project that I will be working on. I can say that it will be a groundbreaking story. It is pertaining to African American history. I can’t give too much information because the script is not officially complete yet.

I will say that I signed with a new management company in Los Angeles, they tracked me down after seeing my work as Janet Jackson in the Bobby Brown story. I met with a few other people who reached out to me but I ended up going with Zero Gravity Management. My new manager is Michael McConnell so I’ve got a lot of great projects in the works that is coming out!

What else can we expect to see from Cree Davis in the future?

Well, I do have some music that I just dropped, two singles. One is called “Like You” and the other one is called, “Only Girl.” I’ll be releasing my album in a few weeks. It is titled Love Levels. I hope people can go listen to it and enjoy the album. It is titled Love Levels because I sing about the different levels of love that we experience as human beings, especially in the African American community from the love between man and woman, lovers, love between families, one generation to the next, and love between communities. It’s going to be a great album.

I also have a movement that I started a few years ago, I’m really pushing it now, its called The Unconditional Love Movement. I am encouraging people to love themselves unconditionally no matter what and extend that love to their family, friends, and community.


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