Actress, Karen Obilom made her debut during season 3 of HBO’s hit series, Insecure as Antoinette but now she is branching out into a brand new role and making a name for herself in the world of entertainment. The Texas native sat down with us to discuss her new role in BET’s new series, Games People Play and give insight into what you can expect to see this season!

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to get into the entertainment world?

Well, I initially wanted to do it because I saw my sister act in a play when she was in high school. I saw the audience reacting to it and having a good time! It took me a while to do it because I had really bad stage fright; it got a point where I couldn’t even speak. I went and auditioned for a play in high school, and I got the lead and I haven’t stopped since!

What can viewers expect to see on the upcoming BET series, Games People Play?

You can expect to see a mix of genres in this show. It’s a little bit of a thriller and a lot of drama! There is a lot of sex, love, cheating, its pretty much a reality show except its scripted (laughs) viewers are really going to love it!

How would you say your role in the series is different from any other role you have done previously?

I’ve portrayed two people similar to journalists before but I have not played anything in the realms of a basketball wife or Hollywood life kind of person. It’s based on a true story which was crazy to me because I couldn’t imagine that people really go through such things. My character and I are similar in that way because we’re kind of watching it unfold in awe.

What can we expect to see from Karen in the future?

Well, you can expect to see me on the show right now! Right now, I’m currently working on doing films. We’re hoping for season two and that the show will go on longer. My goal was to be in a series and I reached it and now I am aiming to be featured in a film.

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