She’s a jack of all trades! Genise Shelton is an entrepreneur, author, actress, fitness model, philanthropist, and founder of Our Children’s Keeper. Shelton became the newest cast member of Bravo’s hit series, Married to Medicine for season 4 but off camera, she’s the ultimate superwoman. In an effort to bring awareness to child sex trafficking, Shelton has used her platforms in order to help those in need. In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Genise Shelton shares her passion for helping those who have overcome life’s challenges and how she will continue to be a boss lady.

Could you describe your overall experience on Bravo’s hit show, Married to Medicine?

Well you know, I had a great time on Married to Medicine. I was the new cast member for season 4. One thing I love about being showcased on that platform is that it kind of revamped the black family. Often times whether it’s intentional or not, in this society we try to minimize the relevancy and the substance of a black family. The show showcased black families that have the courage to come on national television and expose their families, that takes a lot of bravery. I had a great time with that; it’s all about revamping the black family and highlighting them to show it’s true relevance and strength.

Can you tell us about Genesis Realty Group? What is your overall goal in the creation?

I’ve been in real estate for about 12 years now and Genesis Realty Group was launched because I needed something to help feed my foundation, which is Our Children’s Keeper. The foundation raises awareness on the child sex trafficking epidemic going on here in Atlanta. I put on various events to raise awareness and I also help families financially when it comes down to a private investigator, attorney fees, and more. We do a lot with southern luxury homes here in Atlanta and 15% of all of my realty proceeds go directly to my foundation to bring home these children. The foundation and Genesis Realty Group is a huge passion of mine, it’s all about giving back and helping rebuild our village.

Why do you believe it is so important to use your platform to benefit others?

A lot of times, especially in the black community, our village has been broken. It takes people to have a good reach and expansion to be able to bridge those gaps. I was blessed to be apart of Married to Medicine; I was able to use my platform to do a lot. In order to start seeing change, we have to start coming together to work on issues that affect our community. We have to join forces. A lot of times, we want to turn our heads because it does not affect us. Well, what if it was your child, what if it was niece, sister, or brother. Then you would want the whole city to come out and help you but does it have to directly hit you to affect you? It all goes back to rebuilding our village to help and care for all of our children.

Tell us about your book tour for “Married to Fitness” and your fitness campaign to tackle the obesity epidemic facing African Americans.

I started my book, Married to Fitness because, in our community, we have a lot of different elements that affect us. One of the biggest things is obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Personally, my little brother Tyler was diagnosed with all three of those things at the age of 12. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family is over 200lbs. My mother suffered a stroke at the age of 46. 46-years old and it left her paralyzed on the right side. She had a huge pulmonary embolism in her lung and the doctor pretty much told her to start preparing for her funeral because he had never seen a clot that large. Thankfully, my mother is still here. I wanted to raise awareness about that because we have to recognize the things that are preventable.

When we were younger, it was okay to sit down for Sunday dinner to eat ribs, mac & cheese, and collard greens in the daily diet but at the same time we were active. We were outside running, playing hopscotch and tag. When I was growing up, we were crying when we had to go inside because the streetlights came on. Nowadays, kids want to stay inside and play games on their devices or Snapchat things. That’s one of the reasons why there is such a huge increase in obesity especially with children of color. You know, it’s great to win trophies and awards but its bigger to have my children in the audience to see me because of dedication and hard work, that’s bigger to me than winning a trophy or award.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I have so many things going on right now. Our Children’s Gala is a huge event that I’m putting on to recognize the survivors that have overcome horrific experiences in sex trafficking. I want to be able to take the time to recognize them and showcase them.

I’m also preparing to give to scholarships to two of the survivors that are looking to go to school in the fall.

I’m even holding a silent auction. It’s important for me to go out with a bang for them to show that we love and support them. You can actually go to our website for more information or purchase tickets. The event will be taking place at the beginning of November.

From there, we have the Married to Fitness book tour. You can also go to the website to purchase the book. As we do the tour, we’re also going to doing a fitness boot camp in every city.

Genesis Realty Group will have a launch on July 28th here in Atlanta. The launch will introduce Genesis Realty to the public. It will also be a tease to introduce the Gala and the Foundation and why it is important. I will be giving back 15% of all the proceeds directly to benefit the foundation.

January is National Slavery & Human Trafficking month so we will kick off the year with Teen Summit empowerment sessions that we did last year.

I’m currently filming right now for a new television show that will come out at the end of this year.

The love and support I have been getting from fans is wonderful, I’m thankful, humble and blessed to be able to help and make a difference. With that, a lot of great things coming!


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