Affirmations are one of the greatest ways to take control of your mind and the outcome of your life. Affirmations are simple sentences that you repeat to yourself continuously. Sentences that you affirm to yourself. Your mind will be transformed, your attitude will be brighter, and your actions will take hold of the goals you’ve always desired when implementing affirmations into your life. Here are some tips to create effective and powerful affirmations.

  1. Stay Away From the Negatives

It is not effective when affirmations are written with negative connotations. For example, I will not have a bad attitude, is an ineffective affirmation because when you repeat that to yourself, over and over, your mind will only be focused on the presence of a bad attitude. Instead, focus on how to possess a good attitude. So stay away from words and phrases like not, no longer, won’t, can’t, etc.

  1. Be Specific

If an affirmation reads, I will have a good attitude all day long, that affirmation is still ineffective. This is because good is too broad. Your mind won’t know how to define good and put it into action. Therefore, that affirmation is empty. A more effective affirmation would be, I will respond to people with patients, go out of my way to be kind to others, and smile throughout my day. There has to be a very specific goal you wish to achieve in your affirmations for your brain to understand exactly what to execute.

  1. How to Repeat Affirmations

The whole point of affirmations is to constantly repeat your goals to yourself out load so your focus can channel into the words you speak. Therefore, when you say your affirmations, say them with power, confidence, and dominion in your tone. If you repeat your goals with a shaky and insecure inflection, then your affirmations become meaningless. Say them like you know they will become true because once you reach that level of belief, they truly will become a reality.

  1. Some Suggestions to Make Affirmations Fun
  • Say them in the mirror and add hand movements to your words. Sometimes moving your body with your words adds more meaning to your affirmations. Then seeing yourself affirm greatness over your life in the mirror creates a stronger belief that you will achieve your goals.
  • Create a collage or add images to your words. Some people are more visual and might need to add pictures to make their affirmation come alive. Creating poster boards with visuals or creating a slideshow of images on your phone or laptop is very effective.
  • There are many ways and places to write your affirmations. You can type them in the notes section on your phone so you can read them throughout the day, or you can carry them on index cards, or even posted note them throughout your home or workplace. Have fun with them!

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