The story behind this entrepreneurial endeavor is a personal one. When African American millennial Davon Johnson began suffering from a painful Urinary Tract Infection about a year ago, she set about to find a holistic cure for her ailment. In doing so, amidst the misery of the moment, she not only found the cure to her physical issue but discovered a passion which she is now sharing with other women.

“I was suffering from a bad UTI every time before my moon cycle would come on,” explained Davon. “I had no clue why this was happening because I would drink my herbal teas and water and do all the other things I knew I should be doing to help the situation. I sought medical help, but the only recommendations I got was for pharmaceuticals, which I do not believe in. So, I set out on a quest to find a cure.”

Davon diligently began searching for holistic approaches to her medical problem. After a few weeks of exhaustive research, she stumbled onto something called a “Yoni Steam” by watching a YouTube video of how the procedure could cure UTI’s. By definition, a Yoni Steam is the practice of allowing a warm flow of herbal steam to infiltrate the exterior of the vagina.

While Davon didn’t have all of the ingredients for the Yoni Steam on hand, she did have some, including Rosemary. She did the steam right away and within 20 minutes, her pain had disappeared. For the past year, she continued steaming and remains UTI and pain-free.

Amazed by the healing power of the Yoni Steam, she set about on another mission. She wanted to find other Yoni Steam health benefits. She was delighted to discover that a myriad of women’s health issues could be successfully treated with the steaming herbal medicinal mixture.

The young woman who discovered a natural solution for her excruciating pain is not only sold on Yoni Steams, she is now selling them herself.

“I want to let my sisters know about the Yoni Steam because I know women, especially black women, suffer from many illnesses due to such things as birth control, the unhealthy foods we eat, and lack of awareness about our bodies,” the millennial said. “I am all about women’s health because we are the only humans who can bring forth life on this earn and we must learn to value ourselves and to treat our wombs as being very sacred…because, they are.”

Davon’s personal experience in finding a cure for her own maladies has led to her passion to pass the good news on. Her line of alternative solutions can be found in her online shop, Sunnyside Exchange. She offers a variety of Yoni Steams in her shop and other natural vegan products as well like Babboa oil, vegan lip balms, and vegan soap.


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