Artist, Agnez Mo has made quite the impression in the world of music. The Indonesian artist is brining her spicy pop flare to the world of music and since debuting her first international album, X she just hasn’t been able to slow down. We caught up with the pop sensation to discuss her musical journey, teaming up with French Montana for her single, “Diamonds,” and much more!

Tell us about yourself. How would you describe your musical journey thus far?

Fulfilling and educational. It’s been amazing. The ups and downs in the business are really what make it exciting and educational. It toughens you up as a person. It teaches you to not be spoiled (at least that’s how I take it). It humbles you as a person, and as a creative, it taught me to focus on the important things, which is the art. People can get so lost in the hype/ clout, but it’s all about putting the right things in the right order.

What inspired the creation of your new single, “Diamonds.” What was it like working with French Montana for this project?

French is like a brother to me. I love his real life story too. I think that’s how I connect with him really well. That “immigrant hustle”, is what he called it.

When I recorded the song, I just wanted to make sure that I could really pass the energy, the vibe, and the feeling of the song because it’s a feel good song.

Can you share with us your transition from Indonesia to Los Angeles? How would you say your upbringing has played a role in the success of your career?

Both of my parents are former national athletes. So as you can imagine, discipline, work ethic, dedication, integrity are huge parts of my life. I learn that process is the most important thing in any journey, and ALWAYS ENJOY and EMBRACE the process. When you can embrace the process, you get to live your life happy while making your dreams come true. That’s how I still get to enjoy doing what I do after 20 so years of my career. They’re such REAL people. My whole family. My brother and my mom are the two closest people in my life. They wouldn’t let me get away with anything. I realized, that is what makes me grounded. I learn about responsibility and consequences since I was young. No matter who “famous” i am, they don’t treat that as my get away card. They don’t care about none of that shit, they just care about how I can be a good person first. A good individual.

LA is an interesting place (laughs). This is what I can say, you can’t find better weather (year around). LA is the place but LA, or should I say, Hollywood, has its own quirks. A lot come to hollywood to find their identity, and a lot get lost because of it. I think you need to know who you are first before you come here.

The similarity between Indonesia and LA is the diversity; I grew up with a lot of people who don’t look like me, who have different skin tone, religion, sometimes dialects, so diversity is a “language” I speak fluently.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? Are there any projects you could give us insight into?

I want to put out more music. PERIOD. 

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All images by Entertainment Inc/DrewC