Al Rucker is many things in life. He is a successful entrepreneur, the host of a highly favored radio show, and a mentor that many people love and admire. With November being National Adoption Month, Al Rucker sat down with us to discuss how life in foster care has taught him to give back in life. In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Rucker shares the special meaning behind creating his Foundation to give back to students and his new project, Hattitude Accessories.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.
Well, I’m considered a serial entrepreneur. I have a couple of businesses here in the Houston area. One is called Midtown Bail Bonds, another one is called Dolce Restuarant, and my most recent project is Hattitude and Accessories, which is a men’s luxury boutique store.

November is National Adoption Month. Do you mind telling us about your foster care experience?
I entered the foster care system at the age of 12; I was in and out of the system until I was about 18. My siblings actually graduated out of the foster care system.

Tell us about your transition from foster care to philanthropy?
Being in the system helped me develop a foundation; I guess you could say a foundation of toughness. I bounced around from group home situations. I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur if I wasn’t able to pursue sports. Once I went to college, I kept my desires on being an entrepreneur.

What is the Hattitude and Accessories? What inspired you to create it?
Well, Hattitude and Accessories is a men’s luxury boutique store. We specialize in men’s hats. We just started carrying women’s hats. I’ve always liked hats and I’ve always believed that hats compliment a man’s attire.

What can we expect to see from Al Rucker in the future?

One of the big things is my foundation. The Al Rucker Foundation focuses on underprivileged kids getting the opportunity to go to college. We provide scholarships for those kids that desire to go to HBCUs. Over the past couple of months, we gave students scholarships to Morgan State University in the engineering department. That is one of my biggest passions right now with the foundation. I want to be able to continue to provide scholarships for those individuals that may not have the funds to get to college.

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