If you aren’t familiar with the previous rendition of the TRACEbodyfit wellness body, nice to meet you! If you are, thank you for coming back. TRACE stands for Train Right And Change Everything, and I do mean everything to do with wellness.

After my 98-pound weight loss journey, doing bodybuilding, becoming a massage therapist, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, mediation counselor, and yoga enthusiast, I’ve learned¬†plenty about wellness. Now I’m here to share with you.

I will be your wellness guide in imparting knowledge, news, and nifty life hacks covering healthy recipes, celeb health secrets, beauty foods, meditation, energy stones, books, health apps, events, and more. But, what do I mean by wellness?

In this space, wellness is all things positive that will assist you in living life to its highest potential. Together, we will unearth what a well rounded, well educated, and well lived wellness life looks like and then live it.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on future posts, feel free to contact me at