HNM Glam Spot is Atlanta’s one-stop shop for beauty. It is a personal one-on-one experience with Shanon Thomas indulging in traditional and nontraditional styling. She specializes in silk presses, protective style extensions, braids, wigs, sew-in, and natural textures. She also provides make-up services, for weddings, proms, photo-shoots and everyday events. You can receive one of the most relaxing customized eyelash extension experiences in Buckhead and stand out it in the crowd with her amazing full set nail sculpting, gel and design nail art. HNM Glam Spot gives you a full Glam Squad experience with just one person in one location for an undeniable price.

What inspired you to become a beautypreneur?

When I realized how much of an impact I could be in this industry doing what I love. I became a beauty entrepreneur because I enjoyed how it made me feel to know that I helped re-create a person’s attitude. The way you look constitutes for how you feel; it can make you or break you. I love to make women feel confident so that they are able to be there best selves. I love being able to create looks on each individual according to their own unique style and comfort. It is freedom to be who you are and have fun with it.

What advice would you share with emerging beauty professionals for creating their own space in a heavily populated industry?

I would advise anyone to be true to yourself and do what feels right to you. If it feels rushed, copied, inauthentic then most likely it shouldn’t be done that way. Even though it may not be an easy and quick process to success, it will be a realistic, fun and rewarding one. Pay so much attention to perfecting your craft and yourself that you leave no room for any negativity. You are the only person that can deliver your skills the way you do. There are so many people waiting for you to be great. They are waiting for you to provide that service to them that only you possess. You are not like any other person for a reason, use that to your advantage.

 What is next for you in 2019?

2019 is winning season. It is a season for me to stand out and let my truth be known. I want the world to know who Shanon Thomas is and why HNM Glam Spot is Atlanta’s one-stop shop for beauty. There will be classes, networking, collaborations, and new products dropping. I want to build a team of goal-driven Glam Friends that take the beauty industry to another level offering more opportunities for knowledge, wealth and success.

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