The holidays have arrived and you are still single. Let’s admit that being single during the holidays or the year period can really suck. You have to deal with all the family members who are inquiring as to why you don’t have someone special in your life just yet. Let’s add on the stares during family events simply because your other relatives are arriving to announce recent engagements and well, you are standing in the corner trying to enjoy the delicious red velvet cake in private. The dating life is not as easy or fun as many make it out to be. It can be a struggle, and in comparison to the struggle of trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily.

Meeting the right person takes a lot of work because not everyone is looking for the same thing as you. You have to weed through the good looks and find someone who has a combination of things to bring to the table. If you are like me, with a busy schedule then the dating life can be tough for you. I’m usually on the go and time for me is tight and very important. So when you do have the opportunity to try to get to know someone, the last thing you want is to discover that you have wasted time with that person.

Your time is valuable and it is something that you can never get back. You want to meet the individual who appreciates every moment that you have to offer them. We dwell in a society that is slow to love and drags their feet at the thought of settling down. Marriage is not something you hear as much these days because some have grown accustomed to casual dating and friends with benefits. Definitely not a plus for someone who is seriously looking to meet someone that they can spend their life with.

So to all the queens out there, you really just have to keep being the amazing woman that you are and not let all the discouraging things you see around you cause you to switch up or lose hope on meeting the right person. To the kings, just stay on the search and in the midst of your searching, continue to work on being the best man that you can be so that when your special someone comes along, you are ready to love them in the fullness of their essence.

Love is still a very real moment that awaits us all and being single near the end of the year doesn’t mean that love is not waiting just around the corner. Anything is possible so I’m placing my wish under the tree and trusting God to bring the right person my way!