I love a good beauty deal and I know you do too! I’ll be the first to say that Ulta stays on top of their sale game and I ain’t complaining!

I’m always on the hunt to find my favorite beauty products on sale and in my research, I always find more products to venture out of always buying the same products.

Check out some of these beauty deals happening right now at Ulta! You may want to hurry though, we don’t know how long these products will be on sale!

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter, originally $41, now $28.70

If you truly want to glow from within, this product is just what you need! It blends to perfection into the skin and does not feel heavy at all! You can achieve subtle look during the day and intense glow at night without looking greasy.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss, originally $5, now $3.50

This lippie should be a staple in everyone’s makeup collection! I love that there are a ton of shades to choose from and it does not feel sticky on the lips. For the price, you just can’t beat it! It’s perfect for everyday and the name couldn’t be more fitting. It glides on the lips just like butter and does not make the lips dry.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Smashbox Crystalized Always On Liquid Eyeshadow, originally $24, now $12

This liquid eyeshadow blends into the eyelids like a dream! You can use your finger to blend out the harsh lines or use a brush! Not only does it stay on throughout the long day but the colors they offer are just too stunning not to pick up on your next Ulta trip.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation, originally $15, now $10.50

NYX has always been a faithful brand to me and this product (which happens to be one of my favorites) is just too damn good! There are 45 shades to choose from which is incredible considering NYX is an affordable drugstore brand. It works well on all skin types and lasts all day long.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

FLESH Tender Flesh Blush, originally $26, now $18.20

Cruelty-free, contains coconut and sunflower-seed oils, what more could you ask for?! This fragrance free blush is an absolute must-have! It is formulated without parabens and gives the cheeks a glowy, soft-focused effect to die for!