Summer loving had me a blast!

Oh boy, two of my favorite things: summer and kitchen gadgets.

Hey! I know summer isn’t quite here yet but as the sun peaked out and the air got warmer, I couldn’t help but get myself excited for my new favorite season!

Notice I said new because up until now, I really didn’t have a reason to love the hot summer months.

Maybe I should explain why I’m counting down the days for summer. I’ve just got my hands on some new kitchen gadgets from The Grommet that I’ve been absolutely loving and can’t wait to use for all the parties I’ve got up my sleeve this summer. Check out a few of the products I’ve been loving and know you will love as well. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Shatterproof Craft Beer Cups, $19.95

Okay, I’m not much of a beer drinker (too much carbs for ya girl) but my boyfriend absolutely loves these cups. These cups have become one of my favorites but not for beer. Me, I like soda and I’ve found myself using these for any beverage but my boyfriends gives these cups a thumbs up for keeping his beer cold and being lightweight. I can’t wait to break them out this summer on the boat and enjoy them under the hot summer sun!

Burger Master, $24.95

I don’t know about you but shaping burgers by hand kind of grosses me out (it may be the boujee in me) and when I first saw this product, I knew it would change my life in many ways. Eight perfectly-packed burgers and it takes no time at all. Thank you for the genius that made this bad boy for keeping my hands, heart, and stomach happy.

Coldwave Beverage Chiller, $39.95

All my iced coffee lovin’ people, where you at?! You and I both know that nothing sucks more than water down coffee. Well, this Coldwave Chiller is an absolute lifesaver. I was a little skeptical at first but I love using it in the morning because I’m late to any and everything. It’s quick to use and makes boiling hot coffee, icy cold in about two minutes! Catch me on the porch sittin’, sippin’ on my iced coffee this summer!

Guacamole Preservation Container and Serving Tray, $30

First of all, do you see how adorable this tray is? I had to have it the second that I saw it. It’s absolutely brilliant and it’s no convenient. My favorite thing to make in the middle serving dish is guacamole and I don’t have to worry about it going bad because the container is removable and has a seal on it allowing me to enjoy guac for a solid three days!




All images obtained on The Grommet